How to Choose the Right British Online School in India

While the conventional learning method has been the norm in India for a long time, the emergence of online learning has brought a huge change to the education landscape. It allows Indian students to receive diversified education from experienced subject-specialists without distance being a limitation.

Whether you’re a native Indian or a British student studying in India, securing top grades can be a challenge if you don’t get the right guidance. At Cambridge Home School Online, we offer a variety of British online education programs in India. These include Primary Prep/Key Stage 2, Lower School/Key Stage 3, Upper School/IGCSEs, and A-Levels.

For parents looking for a school that can provide their children with all the tools to ace their exams, here are some factors to consider when choosing the right British Online School in India.

Academic Excellence

Students aged between 8 and 19 are taught core concepts that will greatly help them in their academic pursuits. Having a firm grasp on the fundamentals is crucial for their development, and they need diversified resources to achieve this. This can be in the shape of experienced teachers, regularly-updated textbooks, and effective teaching methods.

As an institution, Cambridge Home School Online is committed to providing our students with an academically challenging environment. Through the use of subject specialist teachers with MA/PhD qualifications, we help our students develop an independent and interdisciplinary approach to learning. We understand that focusing on learning is very important for young students, especially those who fail academically. This is why we use audio-visual elements in our lessons to keep their attention.

Each lesson is fun and easy to follow, and we break down concepts into bite-sized pieces to make them easier to understand. As a result, we have a small class size. Most conventional schools have a single class size which means that the teachers are responsible for tracking the academic performance of the entire class. However, this task can be very challenging when the number of students increases significantly. We remedy this by having only ten students in each class so they can get the attention they need to excel.

Our teaching methods are tried, tested, and have proved effective for students. In June 2021, over 80% of our A-Level students secured an A* and As in their target subjects. All of them received offers from top universities.

Modern Educational Resources

It’s not uncommon for schools to have the same educational curriculum for years, which can lead to students being stuck with learning theories and notions that are irrelevant. The school curriculum must be updated regularly in this fast-past world so that students can access information relevant to today’s times.

At Cambridge Home School Online, our goal is to provide various resources that will help students reach their academic goals. We do this through a diverse range of audio-visual resources and guides that they can access at any time to learn and stay on top of their academics.

School-Life Balance

Today’s students face a wide variety of complex problems, which can negatively affect their mental health in the long run. They need to be supported and counselled to overcome these issues. At Cambridge Home School Online, we provide one-on-one coaching and school counselling to help students identify their problems and help overcome them. By understanding and supporting our students through any issues they may face, we’re able to harbour an environment that promotes learning without fear or distractions.

Although some great work is being done to highlight the effects of bullying and how to curtail it, parents need to take significant measures to ensure that nothing gets in the way of their education. Cambridge Home School Online provides a safe academic environment for children so they can grow more confident and study in avail quality education.

Making the Switch to Online Schooling in India

As one of the leading online schools in India, we provide a quality British online education across four homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 8 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19).

If you’re considering making the switch to online schooling in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, or any other city in India, reach out to us today. Our programs are also open to students living in the UK, Europe (including Western Russia), the Middle East, Africa, and other countries in Central Asia.

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With a strong focus on academic growth, personal development, social enrichment, and student mental health, we’re committed to helping children become well-rounded individuals. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have! Let’s start securing a better, brighter future for your children.

About The Author

The author holds over 18 years of diversified experience in teaching students of all age levels and backgrounds. She believes that the use of the internet in classrooms can provide a myriad of benefits to improve the overall performance of students. She has been associated with Cambridge Home School Online for over ten years.