How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Shower Tiles?

Renovation and revamping of the bathroom has a lot to do with the tiling. Nothing but only a tile can create that bigger impression which is being expected while renovating the bathroom. Whether it is for the floor, for shower or for the backsplash behind the sink, bathroom tiles require proper planning and execution.

To get started with your bathroom shower tiles, you can take a look at the walls of your bathroom, understand its size, know your preferences whether you need dark tiles or light etc. Once you get a hold on these basic things, it is time to think of the five tips mentioned below.

The Feel Of The Bathroom

While choosing the bathroom shower tiles, please understand that you need something that is a mix of smoothness and texture. By saying this mix we mean that the tile should feel comfortable on the feet but should also have that grip that keeps you away from slipping.

If you are only concerned about the slippery floor, nothing better than mosaic tiles. Small tiles have additional grout lines due to which the slip resistance factor gets multiplied without disturbing the design and feel. But if you are okay with a wet room then you can also go for large selection tiles.

The Texture Of The Tiles

Shower tiles are known for their unique textures and creative designs. You can make your bathroom look like anything only if the texture you choose is right. For example with the nature inspired tile, you can make your bathroom look no less than a spa like bathroom. Stone marble effect, slate are ew of the tiles that, if chosen, can give a feel of the firmly rooted texture in the nature. You can further complement these looks with wooden tones to complete the overall look.

The Layout Of The Tile

The layout has a lot to do with the look and feel of bathroom shower tiles. Choosing plain tiles does not entitle your bathroom with a boring space. Simple rectangular tiles or similar metro styles can create so many patterns in itself. And this could be added up in a whole different way when talking about the design and layout. 

The Wow Factor Of The Bathroom

Before we get down to the wow factor, what according to you are the factors that define the wow factor of the bathroom? Of course bathroom shower tiles are one of the most prominent things that catches the eye of any visitor. So before you jot down your final list of options amongst all the available tiles. Stand by the tiles that might complement and enhance your bathroom space.

The Stand Out Tile

Settle on a design that’s eye catchy and matches your desires. Once you have fallen for a tile of a particular shape. Color or pattern you can easily think of the feature tile that will add drama to the whole space. Make sure your stand out tile determines the accent tiles and keeps the look of the bathroom alive. If you need a recommendation, check this out for a wide range of tiles to choose from.