How to Choose the Best Wine

In a restaurant, you have the help and guidance of a sommelier who can help you find the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

But when you’re hosting a dinner party or trying to find a wine to enjoy with your guests, the decision is in your hands. You’ve not got the guidance of a certified wine specialist and it becomes a little more difficult.

You might find yourself endlessly browsing the shelves at the store, trying to figure out which wine will complement your food in the best way possible. Even if you are a wine drinker yourself, your wine of choice may not be the most complimentary to your evening meals.

How to Find the Best Wine

As complicated as it may seem, choosing the best wine isn’t as difficult as you might think. Whether it’s a wine pairing with seafood, such as shrimps or fish, or you’re searching for something to pair with vegetarian dishes, check out these top tips below to find the perfect beverage to accompany your meal.

The Qualities of a Great Wine

There are some important things to know about wine when you’re selecting the best option. In order to find the best wine, you must know what makes one great in the first place. Any good wine is high quality, unique in flavor, and enjoyable to drink. 

There is a selection of characteristics that are used to distinguish between different wines and they affect the taste and quality of the drink:

  • Sweetness (how sweet or dry the wine is)
  • Tannin content (the number of tannins that are naturally present in the grapes used to make the wine)
  • Acidity (how acidic the wine is, which impacts its tartness)
  • Body (whether the wine feels heavy or light in the mouth)
  • Alcohol percentage (measured in alcohol by volume (ABV))

Now you’ve learned about the key characteristics of different wines and how they impact the taste of the drink, you can use this knowledge when searching for the best wine. Take a look at the labels of multiple bottles to determine which one aligns with your preferences.

White and Rose Are Safer Options

Generally, white wine and rosé are more popular than dry reds because they are slightly sweeter. When you have no idea what wine to serve your dinner guests, white wine or rosé are usually safer options than red wine for this reason.

If you or your dinner guests enjoy a sharper, more bitter-tasting drink, red wine may be the best option. If you’re hosting a dinner party, ask your guest for their preferences beforehand so you can cater to their needs.

Don’t Just Go for the Cheapest Wine

As great as it is to save money, the quality of a wine is reflected in its price. If you go for a cheap wine that’s on sale, don’t expect it to taste as good as the more expensive options.

If you’re choosing a wine for a special occasion, such as a dinner party, splash the cash and treat your guests to a fine wine that looks, smells, and tastes great.