How to Choose the Best Providers for Your Home Electricity Plans

The average yearly electricity consumption for Australian households is recorded at around 154,439 GWh. Choosing the best electricity comparison websites for your home energy plans can help you save thousands of dollars each year. With dozens of providers competing for your business, it’s possible to reduce the cost of your household bills by as much as 20%.

Smart Usage

Before you begin shopping around, you can reduce your power bills through smart usage habits. These tips will help you avoid raising the cost of electricity compared to what you’d pay for central units. 

Some methods include shutting off appliances when not used, washing clothes in cold water, and maintaining your furnace unit. Once you’ve switched to these energy-saving habits, it’s time to begin shopping for plans. Begin by making a list of the best energy comparison websites.

Energy Comparison Website Types

There are three types of sites that provide quotes on alternative providers:  

  1. Those that only compare major suppliers
  2. Sites that compare a range of providers across the nation
  3. Sites that provide a free service but don’t necessarily offer recommendations

Regardless of which group you use, be sure to get your quotes from a minimum of three websites. Energy comparison site quotes will allow you to check and compare the offers available in your area.

Consider Rates and Fees

The average per-unit cost of commercial electricity in Australia is around 29 cents per kWh. Keep this base rate in mind while comparing plans. Annual rates are often higher than other offers available; these can be misleading since many companies offer free installation and maintenance within 24 months.  

Direct current (DC) prices will always beat alternate current (AC) pricing. However, it’s essential to compare AC costs as well. AC pricing is most often used in business energy pricing.  

Many providers will charge a fee, also known as an activation fee. The average activation fee charged by energy suppliers in Australia is around AU$19. The fee shouldn’t be more than $25, or you should consider another option.

Consider Government Base Rates

The reference price for electricity set by the Government of Australia is around $1474. Remember this rate to choose a supplier offering the best plan for your needs. Some companies will also charge small taxes (other than GST), so it’s wise to consider this when getting quotes.  

Rewards and Discounts

Some suppliers will offer rewards and coupons to help reduce your annual bill.  

The Plan Fine Print

Read the fine print on the rates offered before signing up for a plan or beginning to compare quotes. You should also be aware of any restrictions that might apply, such as peak seasonal usage times or “dead” hours where electricity isn’t available. 

It’s advisable to opt for plans with paperless billing and automatic meter readings. These can save you time and increase your bill’s accuracy. If you’re not sure about the length of your plan, opt for a contract without an “exit fee” clause. 

The clause will allow you to switch providers before 24 months if another company offers better rates or incentives.

Once you’ve collected quotes from each site, it’s time to choose a plan and sign up for service. To begin with, companies that offer only fixed-rate plans should be avoided; this includes first month free offers that waive cancellation fees. Instead, look for plans that offer flexibility and options for renewal.


When choosing an energy plan, it’s important to remember that if you’re not satisfied with the service provided by your supplier, you can switch energy providers at any time. Flexible contract terms are essential since they allow you to move to another company without penalty if the energy supply service isn’t up to par.