Being able to speak Mandarin is not only great for traveling but also could be beneficial to your career. However, learning Mandarin can be tough due to the plethora of pronunciations and tones involved. For someone like you who has never learned this language before it may seem impossible or even frustrating at times. When you learn basic mandarin you will notice a huge jump in your language skills. The good news is that there are many Mandarin tutors online who can teach you this language from the comfort of your home at a reasonable price. Here are some of the important things to consider when choosing a Mandarin tutor online.

1. What Language Level Are You At?

When you look at Mandarin tutors online, some will list their language level and others won’t. It’s best if your prospective tutor is higher than where you are currently at. For instance, someone like yourself who is an absolute beginner would be more comfortable with a tutor who has an advanced language level. This way you will still be able to understand them and won’t feel as overwhelmed.

2. Will You Be Able To Communicate With The Tutor?

When choosing your Mandarin tutor online it’s important that you’ll actually be able to communicate with them. In order to do this, you must know the basics. You should be able to read some characters and say some sentences before hiring a tutor. This way you will be able to understand them if they speak slowly. If you don’t know how to write any Chinese characters then check out one of our previous posts on pinyin.

3. Do They Include A Trial Period?

When you hire an online Mandarin tutor for the first time, it’s important to do a free trial period. This way you can see if you like them and they like working with you before signing up long term. Some tutors will offer this for free while others will charge around $5 or so. You may want to use this service if you want to try a few tutors out before settling on one.

4. What Type Of Payment Methods Do They Accept?

There are many payment methods that Mandarin tutors will accept such as PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers. It’s best if your tutor of choice accepts the methods that you have access to so that you’re able to pay them without any hassles.

5. Are There Any Guarantees?

You should look for a tutor who offers guarantees or refunds if you are not satisfied with their service. This way if something goes wrong, you have the option to get your money back after trying out their lesson plans. Good tutors usually offer a full refund after the first lesson so you should be able to try them out risk-free to learn basic mandarin

If you’re looking for the best Mandarin tutor online, we recommend that you first evaluate your language level and then choose a tutor who is higher than where you are currently at. This way they’ll be able to teach you something new without overwhelming or confusing you. It’s also important to find someone who can communicate well so make sure to know some basics before hiring one of these tutors. If all else fails and the trial period doesn’t work out, look for a company that offers full refunds on their lessons after trying them once risk-free!