How To Choose the Best Container Hire Company in Melbourne

Sometimes, moving houses with just a car is not enough. In fact, you probably have to go back and forth more than thrice. Moreover, traffic in Melbourne can be relentless.

Therefore, it is better for your time and your wallet to use a portable storage container. With a storage container that fits all of your things, you can spend more time enjoying your new place.

The problem is, there are many storage companies in Melbourne, and you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we will help you with a guide on how to choose the best shipping container hire in Melbourne.

Let’s get started!

Prioritise Flexibility and Convenience

You might only want to hire the container for a month. Or you want to hire for more than a year. This can be a headache when a company set a minimum period of storage. 

Hence, better choose a company that have no fixed contract in place. With no contract binding you, you can store your belongings however long you want.

Furthermore, consider a company that delivers the storage container to you. The container won’t be collected and stored until after you finish loading. That way, you are not constantly chased by a due date.

Consider What Storage Sizes They Offer

A good company that aims to give you the best experience will offer you different shipping container sizes. That way, you can get a service that suits you perfectly. 

If they offer you only one size, you might not need the extra space or you might need more. Either way, you will have to spend more than you want.

That is not cost effective. Hence, you need a company that gives you a container with a variety of sizes. It will be great if the company can specify how much they can fit into a storage container, for example a bedroom worth of furniture or four sofas.

Study the Quality of the Units 

Not all containers are suitable for your needs. Some containers, although cheap, cannot protect your belongings adequately.

Consider your belongings. Are they easily damaged when exposed to weather? If you want to store vehicles, can the unit stay dry and dust-free? 

So, the best thing is to make sure what the storage unit is made of. If you want the unit to be durable, choose a steel-built unit. That way, you can ensure that your things will stay;

  • Dry
  • Dust-free
  • Vermin-free

The unit type also determined if they are stored indoor or outdoors. If you choose a wood unit, make sure that it is stored indoor to prevent weather damage. 

Additional Protection Offered During Transit

Roads can be bumpy. Yes, you are right to worry about whether or not your belongings got damaged during transit. Therefore, you have to choose a company that cares for your things.

Well, they cannot magically make the road smooth. But they can minimise the risk by giving protection to your furniture. These protections include;

  • Furniture blanket
  • Tie downs rail inside the unit to secure your belongings
  • Packing boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap

With these protections applied, the damage to your furniture will be minimal, and you will get your money’s worth. Moreover, a good company would offer to do the wrap & packing service for you. 

Remember to Check the Security Measures

Your things are valuable. So, remember to ask the company about their security. The best choice will be a company that installed security measures on their storage locations, such as;

  • Resistant steel container with thick wall that are hard to penetrate
  • Padlocks for the storage unit
  • Welded padlock boxes to prevent attempts to break the padlock
  • CCTV cameras
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Alarms that alert movements and intruders

This is the standard security protocol that every company should have. However, not all of them are adequate. Hence, make sure you double-check this with the companies before you choose.

Plus, make sure your company offers insurance for your things. There are companies that won’t take responsibility for damages, and we don’t want that, do we? So, make sure that they reimburse you if damage happens.


Before choosing a company, make sure that you know how they work inside and out. Start by chatting with them about their storage duration and whether they can deliver the storage unit to your location.

Then, check the sizes they offer. You don’t want a too small or a too big unit. After that, choose what type of unit you want that suits your needs. If you need a dust-proof, water-proof, and weather-proof unit, choose a steel container.

Also check for extra protections. Will they provide furniture blankets, bubble wrap, boxes, and packing paper? The best company for you will go the extra mile and give you all those.

Lastly, ensure that their security is top-range, with CCTV monitoring, padlocks, and alarm systems. That way, you know that your things are secure.

Don’t settle for less. Choose the best company and get your money’s worth!