How to choose an excellent and suitable mold factory

Core tip: Many companies have developed a new product, and they are preparing to open a mold for small-batch trial production and put it into the market to test the market reaction before deciding whether to mass-produce it? At this time, how to choose a suitable plastic mold manufacturer is still very important. I have worked in the mold procurement position for many years, and I have come into contact with hundreds of large and small mold factories. Here is a summary of the working experience and experience over the years. Come out and share with you:

(1) Which type of plastic mold manufacturer is it better to cooperate with?

At present, there are many foreign-funded, Taiwan-funded, Hong Kong-funded and domestic private mold factories to choose from; the advantages and disadvantages of mold factories with various qualifications are compared as follows:

Foreign-funded mold factories have standardized management, perfect processes, strong service awareness, and guaranteed quality and service; but the high cost of management and sales means that the cost of mold opening will be relatively high; if you pay attention to product quality assurance and the company In the case of strong financial strength, it is recommended that large-scale foreign-funded mold factories be the first choice! However, in the reality of the industry, generally large-scale foreign-funded mold factories have fixed foreign customers, and they seldom accept orders from domestic enterprises; even if they accept orders from domestic enterprises, their quotations are often in line with the international market and the international market. It is difficult for domestic finished product enterprises to bear, and a set of sophisticated large-scale car models can easily cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. This is also the direct reason why many domestic finished product enterprises are discouraged!

Most of the domestic private mold factories were founded by the first batch of people who entered the foreign-funded enterprises and contacted the mold industry after China’s reform and opening up. They can be regarded as rising stars in the mold industry. The cost of materials and management and sales is low, and the mold price and product price quoted by it are definitely cheaper than foreign, Taiwan-funded, and Hong Kong-funded enterprises, which often attracts the attention of many mold buyers.

How large-scale plastic mold manufacturer is it better to cooperate with?

Large scale, medium scale or small scale?

Personally, the choice in this regard depends on the situation. In terms of the scale of the factory alone, everyone will definitely give priority to the larger the better, because the scale is strong and the supporting facilities are complete! Its size also indirectly reflects the high and low degree of selection by customers! But from another perspective, the larger the scale, the higher the management cost, and the price advantage will not be obvious. Some of the prices of particularly large foreign-funded mold factories are simply unacceptable, and even exceed our quotations to customers. cost. Whether the plastic mold manufacturer you choose regards you as an important customer, that is, whether it pays attention to you, is very important. In fact, finding a supplier is like finding the right one. , the purchase volume is not large, and blindly choose large-scale mold factories to cooperate with. Sometimes people don’t take you seriously when the money is spent. At present, many large mold factories do not accept or are not responsible for small orders. Because of this mentality, because you can’t meet their requirements in terms of order amount or order quantity, it will make you feel like touching someone’s cold ass with your hot face, hahaha! This metaphor may not be appropriate, but it is more appropriate and realistic.

In this case, most people will choose small and medium-sized mold factories. In fact, everyone in the industry is doing the same. After all, the price of molds and products is relatively acceptable, and it is better to have an explanation to the superior. But soon you will find that worrying things come again, whether the mold can be completed on time and with high quality? How about the mass production of the mold? What is the mold life? At this time, I suggest that you must pay attention to some basic common sense, that is, you must choose a plastic mold manufacturer with complete supporting equipment, which is what we usually call “complete with five internal organs”, that is, you must have supporting precision CNC machining centers, slow wire cutting, and EDM mirrors. Spark machines, high-speed high-precision injection molding machines, three-dimensional, two-dimensional measuring instruments and other important necessary equipment for mold processing, production, and testing must be taken as the key to evaluation and final selection; because without the above-mentioned equipment, It means that the plastic mold manufacturer needs to seek outsourcing processing during the mold manufacturing and production process. This has three main adverse consequences:

After a while, your mold opening cost and cost will increase;

The second is that it takes time for the plastic mold manufacturer to repeatedly communicate and coordinate the transfer of workpieces in the process of outsourcing processing, which will lengthen the delivery cycle and easily cause delays in molds and products. Although the purchase agreement or contract will indicate the relevant delay penalty clauses, But once there is a delay, fines cannot make up for the actual and long-term losses of the company, and it will make the procurement staff feel like they are sitting on pins and needles, and they will be chased and scolded every day, which is called a mess;

The most terrible thing is the third point. The entire outsourcing processing process of the plastic mold manufacturer cannot be monitored in a timely manner. The processing is often carried out by roadside processing stores that are smaller than the plastic mold manufacturer and only have one or two second-hand equipment. “Standardized management , process control, quality awareness, etc. “Everything is just a cloud! Many molds that look good on the outside will be deformed due to sloppy, brutal operations, repeated welding and other methods and processing methods of these roadside processing shops, and will be scrapped in advance if they do not reach the service life. It is not mass-produced at all! I can’t afford to hurt you! Therefore, I warn you not to blindly covet low prices and follow the path of these bad plastic mold manufacturers!

How to effectively reduce the cost of purchasing molds?

Personally, I think, first of all, you need to ask the marketing department about the expected order quantity of the new product. Is it huge? In the development and review stage of new products, if the estimated order quantity does not reach more than 500,000, it is recommended not to harden the mold, but to open the soft mold directly, which is what we usually call the test mold. The cost of the soft mold is low. If the market response is not good It saves some unnecessary costs of making hard molds; if the sales market of later products opens up and the demand for products increases sharply, the second set of hard molds can be opened at any time during the mass production of the first set of molds, which is also It is to copy the mold, which will not affect the production and shipment progress of the product at all. There is another obvious advantage: the plastic mold manufacturer will sum up a set of design and production experience during the process of opening the first set of molds. There will be a lot of room for improvement when the experience is applied to the second set of molds. Even if you don’t ask for this, the plastic mold manufacturer will undoubtedly take the initiative to do it, because it will save them detours and make the copy mold It tends to be more perfect and perfect; on the other hand, if you do not know the estimated order quantity of the product and start to make a hard mold from the beginning of the product project approval, it will only increase your mold procurement cost by at least 1/3 needlessly; The mold cost also needs to be taken into consideration in the design stage, such as using S136H, NAK80, etc. Except for the case where the customer specifies which material and process to use.

(4) Finally, to sum up, to choose a suitable plastic mold manufacturer, we must pay attention to the following points:

a. Do not blindly and blindly believe in low purchase prices. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for, and there are often hidden traps behind low prices, or shoddy goods , or cut corners, you must know that any plastic mold manufacturer has to pay rent, water and electricity, support workers and make profits?

Be sure to find a plastic mold manufacturer with complete equipment, preferably a Taiwan-funded or Hong Kong-funded plastic mold manufacturer with a medium scale or above. I once had a lesson in this regard when I was doing procurement. At that time, because of the price I chose a small domestic plastic mold manufacturer. There are only dozens of people in the entire mold department of this factory. There is not even a CNC, and other mechanical equipment is not complete. equipment, and it turned out that the mold was developed by them, but it was not mass-produced at all in the end after repairing it. My colleagues in the engineering department and I worked hard for a few nights and returned without success. Also because of the development of this plastic mold manufacturer, all the performance bonuses of the month were deducted, which is really unbearable! ! ! (That experience is still clearly remembered and unforgettable. It was not until I found a medium-sized company called ELITE MOLD (SHENZHEN) CO., LIMITED, and the cooperation turned relatively smoothly, that I slowly got rid of the failure experience and blamed by my boss. came out in the eyes)

c. Finally, it is suggested that when choosing a plastic mold manufacturer, you should consider the situation and characteristics of each factory, and cooperate with various departments of the company to objectively evaluate the demand positioning of molds and products before making a reasonable choice, and you may achieve a more satisfactory result. Effect!

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