How to Choose a PPC Agency: The Complete Guide for Businesses

It’s not easy to gain awareness for your brand on the internet. The big brands take up a lot of the space on social media and Google, and new companies are created every day that also compete.

That’s why turning to PPC ads is a great option to gain immediate traffic to your website. And when optimized campaigns can provide 200% ROI, it’s no surprise that you’re interested in running ads and hiring a company to help.

Are you struggling to look through your options for PPC agencies? Read the guide below to learn how to choose a PPC agency that gets results.

Look for Industry Experience

Any experienced PPC agency should be able to function in any industry. This is because creating successful PPC campaigns involves collecting a lot of data and shifting focus as you see what works. Even if you come into an industry without experience, you will eventually see results.

However, you must ask yourself how long you want to wait before seeing those results. In most cases, working with a company with experience in your industry makes more sense.

An agency with industry experience will be able to use the data it has to set up winning ads for you more quickly. As a result, they can iterate on their ad copy quicker and be able to help you generate a return faster.

Examine the Number of Services

It takes more than good ads to manage a successful PPC campaign. You must manage your bids, create a good landing page, handle copyrighting, and much more. Not every PPC agency will have every service.

This makes examining the number of services offered by a company essential. A company that manages the budget of your campaign and creates a great ad might do a great job, but if your design isn’t right on your website, you won’t see as good of results.

You can find the services offered by most agencies on their websites. See what’s offered to determine if an agency can meet all your needs.

Look at Reporting Frequency

You don’t only have the cost of PPC management when hiring an advertising company. You’ll also be spending a lot of cash to get ads to display in front of people.

This means you have a lot of money on the line and need to know what you’re getting for that money. Unfortunately, some PPC agencies don’t do enough to keep their clients in the loop about what’s going on.

You should receive frequent reports from your PPC management company that detail where every dollar goes. It shouldn’t be an occasional report, either. Ensure you get frequent reports covering every aspect of your PPC campaigns and what the agency does to increase your return on investment.

Examine Case Studies

The great thing about PPC ads is the data they create. You can see exactly where every dollar goes and how much revenue you generate with those dollars.

This makes case studies a great way to show how good you are at PPC ads. Agencies create case studies and post them on their websites to show potential clients the results they can expect when signing a contract.

Make sure you check these before you sign up for the service. A reputable company — such as Falcon Digital Marketing — should have no problem demonstrating its ability.

Check for Certifications

There is more you can do to prove you’re a reliable PPC partner than produce case studies. Even if you see great results a few times, you still may not know if those case studies were exceptions and not the rules.

It pays to learn more about a company’s qualifications for PPC advertising. You can learn about those qualifications by checking out the PPC certifications.

Certifications, like the ones offered to Google Premium Partners, will tell you if a company goes the extra mile to learn about PPC advertising. Learn about the different PPC certifications and see if your PPC agency options have them.

Get Pricing Information

There’s no getting around paying a lot for PPC ads — you have to bid for the number one spot, and that sometimes takes a lot of money to do. This means you may be sensitive to pricing when hiring a company to do the job.

Get quotes from your PPC agency options when comparing PPC agency costs. You should get a quote that details how much campaigns cost to run each month and any extra fees that go along with it.

Look for as many quotes as possible when doing this. When you do, you can look at the number of services you receive and determine which company offers the best value.

Read Client Reviews

A great way to filter your options for PPC agencies is to look for what other people say about their experiences. There are many places online to talk about your experiences with businesses. That means you can read reviews that cover the good and bad of PPC companies.

These reviews will discuss red flags that may make it not worth working with a business. Consider what you don’t want to see from an agency and see if other people have the same problem.

Doing this will help you narrow your choices before you start talking with agencies to make your search easier.

Choose a PPC Agency Carefully

You’re investing a lot of money when you invest in paid ads. PPC is more expensive than ever, and it’s not hard to waste your marketing budget trying to learn how to do it right. If you hire an inexperienced company to run your ads, you won’t get a return on your money.

But things change when you hire a reputable company that offers a great PPC management experience. Follow the advice above to choose a PPC agency that can deliver results to your marketing team.

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