How to Change a Tire in 5 Easy Steps

A tire is one of the most essential parts of your vehicle. A tire provides traction and directional control and enhances safety. Without a tire, you won’t be able to confidently drive your car down the road.

As much as cars cost these days, it is a relief if you know you can change a tire. While it is a task that might seem intimidating, it’s so much easier than it sounds.

Don’t let a flat tire stop you from getting where you need to go. Read below to find out how to change a tire the easy way.

Five Easy Steps to Change a Tire

Changing a tire can be done in five easy steps. With these steps, anyone can safely change their tire.

1. Gather Your Tools

It’s a must to gather your necessary tools and supplies so that the process will go smoothly. You should bring a lug wrench and jack, a spare tire, and a few essential tools to do this.

Look in your car’s manual for the specific type of jack recommended for your car model. Make sure you have the correct size lug wrench. If you’re unsure what size is needed, look for a 24 hour road service for help.

2. Locate and Loosen Lug Nuts

Safety comes first, so ensure the vehicle is parked in a leveled area and turn off the engine. Then locate the lug nuts and place the tire iron over the first lug nut.

Apply pressure downward and rotate the tire iron counterclockwise to loosen the lug nuts. With each lug nut loosened, move on to the next one until all lug nuts are loosened. Remember the lug nuts’ order so you can put them back in the same order. 

3. Remove Old Tire

Once the lug nuts are loose, raise the car until the wheel is entirely off the ground. To remove the tire, grip the tire from either side and push away from the center and to the side while pulling the tire towards you over the wheel studs. With the old tire off, you are ready to replace it with the new tire.

4. Mount and Secure the New Tire

Once you’ve removed the flat tire, begin mounting the new tire on the wheel. Make sure to align the valve stem to the same position on the flat tire.

Insert the lug bolts into the wheel and hand-tighten them. Grab your lug wrench, and turn the lug nuts in the same direction until they are secure. 

5. Safety Check and Final Touches

Inspecting the tire to ensure it has been properly installed and securely fastened is essential. Ensure the lug nuts or bolts are tightened to the correct torque level and that the wheel is centered and properly aligned.

After the safety check is complete, inspect the area around the tire for any debris or foreign objects. Finally, put back all your tools in your trunk. 

Replace Your Tire Confidently

Changing a tire is a simple and easy process that anyone can do. The five steps above demonstrate everything needed to quickly, confidently, and safely change a tire.

If you ever need to change a tire, remember these steps, and you’ll be back on the road in no time! So don’t wait—prepare today and get the skills you need to change your tire tomorrow. Be safe and enjoy the road!

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