How To Bypass Instagram Restrictions And Watch Content Anonymously On Instagram

Instagram houses millions of users on the platform; hence it becomes vital for Instagram to ensure its users privacy while also ensuring that only authentic content is being posted on the app. Instagram for this purpose poses restrictions on viewing and downloading content. Instagram provides users the option of turning their accounts private if needed. Also it locks profile pictures on Instagram in a small circular thumbnail. So all you can view is a small image that’s difficult to recognize. You cannot also watch Instagram stories anonymously; whenever you tap on a story your name will be enlisted in the Instagram story viewers list. This allows the other person to know that you watched their story. Similarly there are restrictions on downloading any kind of photo or video from Instagram. How do you then view any Instagram content without restrictions and anonymously?

Instagram viewer apps:

Instagram viewer apps are a great way to surpass any Instagram restriction and watch Instagram content anonymously while also being able to download it. These third-party apps have revolutionized the Instagram experience for users completely. You can use these apps to open profile pictures in full zoom, watch stories and highlights on Instagram anonymously, download any reel, post, video, story or even the profile easily on just a click. These apps and software are powered by AI that enables them to easily view and download any Instagram media; moreover because they are third-party apps your identity is concealed. One such easy to use Instagram viewer app is Instazoom tool.

How to use Instagram viewer apps:

Instagram viewer app uses a common method to help you view and download media. You need to simply follow these steps and you can view and download any Instagram media anonymously.

Step 1: Download the Instagram viewer app or use them from a website. You can use the Instazoom app from any browser or download it for your android and iOS device.

Step 2: Launch the application and you can see all tools such as Instagram profile picture viewer, reels downloader, posts downloader, IGTV Video downloader, anonymous Instagram story viewer etc. simply open the tool of your relevance.

Step 3: In the field provided enter the username of the person whose profile picture you wish to view or link to the media you wish to download. You copy the URL to any media by simply clicking on the three dots over the image and then choosing ‘copy URL’ option.

Step 4: The Instagram viewer will open this media for you to easily view the media and profile picture now anonymously.

Step 5: To download any media the Instagram viewer provides you with a download button adjacent to your image or video. Tap on this download button and the media will be saved directly to your gallery.

Using these Instagram viewers you can view and download any Instagram profile or media easily. Some Instagram viewers allow you to download media from public profiles only while others help you download media from private Instagram accounts as well.