How to buy the perfect washing machine for your home

In this modern era, washing machines have become an integral part of our household appliances and choosing the correct one all by yourself can be a daunting task. Comparing Samsung, LG, or Whirlpool washing machine prices is a good idea, but getting to select the best Indian washing machine will depend on your knowledge to analyse some key factors to consider before purchasing the washing machine of your choice.

To get yourself the best Indian washing machine, it is essential to review some of these features that you will require to put into consideration before you eventually purchase the washing machine system:

Material of the tub/drum: The washing machine drums are made of plastic, stainless steel, or porcelain enamel. Usually, Plastic drums last longer compared to enamel that can rust and chip. Nonetheless, the stainless steel drums are the most suitable as they are long-lasting and can withstand high spin speeds.

Laundry settings: Several washing machine models in the market come with different wash programs for particular types of clothes like bedding, denim, cotton, synthetic, regular wash, quick wash and gentle wash for frail clothes. With most of these laundry machines, it is feasible for you to customise and save your favourite laundry setting mode, which can be quickly managed through a touchpad, touch screen, or rotary controls.

Spin cycle: This particular washing machine feature is used for spinning your clothes at a high speed to dry your clothes, and their levels are segregated as per different numbers of rotations per minute (RPM). Keep in mind that the higher the rotation per minute, the better drying your clothes will be. Depending on the fabric type you want to dry, the spin cycle for delicate clothes is around 300-500 RPM, whereas the ideal setting for thicker clothes like jeans is around 1,000 rpm.

Fuzzy logic: This washing machine feature automatically selects the most suitable washing setting, depending on the nature of the clothes you are washing. Furthermore, fuzzy logic notices the weight of your laundry and consequently establishes how much detergent, water and time is needed to clean the washing load. Therefore, you get to wash clothes in your machine with no hassle of bothering to select the other time-consuming settings.

Temperature control: If your washing machine comes equipped with an in-built heater, the temperature control feature will let you control the temperature of the water. Hot water is more efficient at cleaning clothes than cold water; this feature is very useful, especially during winter. Nowadays, manufacturers are coming up with washing machines that can generate steam for fighting stains and dirt.

Time delay: This particular feature enables you to program your washing machine to initiate the laundry cycle later as per your convenience. The time delay feature is very beneficial if you want your machine to start the laundry at a later time, for instance, when you won’t be at home to get bothered by the noise. In addition to this, the pre-soak feature allows your washing machine to soak the clothes in detergent water for a certain period before it automatically initiates the primary washing cycle.

Washing machine capacity

Before purchasing the washing machine of your preference, you must pay attention to the washing machine capacity. The correct washing machine capacity for your needs depends on the total number of people in your family.

Laundry machine capacity is measured in kilograms, and it is directly associated with the weight of your clothes that you can plan to wash. It is a good idea to fill the drum with half the capacity only so that your clothes can move efficiently inside the drum and your machine can give better wash quality.

These were some of the crucial factors that you must keep in mind to find the best Indian washing machine for your needs. There are numerous options for buying the best Indian washing machine.

The front and top-loading washing machines are pretty easy to handle, require less maintenance, and are less expensive. By keeping the above-discussed pointers in mind, you can now compare Samsung, LG or Whirlpool washing machine prices to find the best Indian washing machine suitable for your needs. If you are delaying your purchase due to budget constraints, we got you covered on that. Keep reading to discover more.

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