How to Better Manage Your Tremors

No matter the type of support system you have around you, being diagnosed with essential tremor (ET) can disrupt your work, confidence, and sense of joy to a drastic degree. Unless you find ways to manage the involuntary muscular movements caused by this disorder effectively, it can also affect your overall lifestyle. 

Thankfully, finding practical solutions to manage your ET is not impossible. As long as you know where to look, you can discover different ways to retain and improve your ideal way of life in the face of this difficulty. 

To help you through this process, here is how you can better manage your tremors. 

Use a Neuromodulator

With the impact of wearable technology on sports, business, and medicine, it is only natural to think about finding wearable solutions for ET. Thanks to the advancement of biotech, you can indeed find wearable devices that could help with your tremors’ frequency and intensity alike. 

If you can find FDA-cleared essential tremor treatments for this purpose, you can be fully confident in the results that they bring to the table. Since these neuromodulator solutions work by communicating with brain signals, they can stop tremors without any invasive therapy. This makes them an effective at-home solution for a variety of people.

Reduce Your Caffeine Consumption

A refreshing cup of coffee or tea can be nothing short of a blessing on a dreary morning day. But if you start consuming too much caffeine, it can also have adverse outcomes and induce tremors. Keeping this in mind, make it a point to let go of your morning cup of joe or evening cup of tea.

While reducing your caffeine may seem like a drastic task, considering the benefit that it could have on your ET could boost your perseverance. If you need further help, in this case, you can turn to options such as a micro-dose caffeine beverage

Get Plenty of Rest


When you have essential tremor, it might be a common occurrence for you to have restless nights and lethargic days a few times a week. This lack of rest is not only bad for your overall health, but also contributes to worsening of your tremors in many cases. That is why you must get proper rest every single day. 

As a part of adopting tips for better sleep, you can set a routine for yourself, cut out distractions from your bedroom, and invest in more comfortable bedding. Other methods such as using a lavender aromatherapy diffuser can also help you seek calmness at the end of a tiring day.

Leave Alcohol Behind

From a better immune response to glowing skin, there are many benefits of quitting alcohol, making it one of the most healthy choices for your lifestyle. But when you are trying to manage essential tremors, the decision also brings the advantage of reducing these shaking movements. This makes it important for ET patients to quit drinking as soon as possible.

While living a sober lifestyle may seem difficult, you may find a variety of methods to stick by your resolve. If you need any additional help, you may turn to an addiction therapeutic app. Depending on the extent of your ET, your doctor can advise the best approach for your specific case. This also helps you embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

Use Weighted Devices

The approach to using weighted devices can also be quite effective against essential tremors. For instance, if ET affects your hands, wearing these weighted devices over your wrists can help manage the intensity and frequency of your tremors. Your healthcare provider can help you determine how much weight you need to wear according to the intensity and frequency of your tremors.

You may need to follow the practice every day to find relief for a few hours. While this activity may sound repetitive, its benefits outweigh the need to execute it daily. By holding a detailed consultation with your doctor, you may easily find a suitable approach for yourself. 

By going through these tips, you can find various methods that may help with your ET. For maximum advantage, record any changes you encounter in your tremors and inform your doctor about them at every appointment.