How this millennial realtor Vanessa Chesson is changing the dynamics of America’s Real Estate Industry

There is no denying that, with time, every industry in the world has evolved, and the real estate sector is no different. People are no longer pulled in by age-old marketing methods, nor do they pay heed to realtors who lack vision. Nowadays, people want an abode that is sustainable, cost-efficient, and, most importantly, increases in value over time. However, to find the house of their dreams, they need a realtor who understands their demands and puts the customer’s needs over personal profit.

If you are looking for an honest, dedicated, and relatable real estate agent, Vanessa Chesson is the answer to all your problems. The Spanish, Italian, and Native American learned all the tricks of the trade when she worked under Abe Franco as an assistant for three years. During her time there, she increased her knowledge regarding commercial properties. Moreover, when the pandemic hit, she further polished her expertise by obtaining a license. Currently, she is studying business management at the University of Florida and is also the reigning queen of the real estate industry.

Vanessa Chesson has a spark that no other realtor has since she is young, friendly, confident, and is always coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for her clients. Her infectious personality may have something to do with the years she spent making a mark in the acting and entertainment industry. Yes, she has played a role in the movie “Bad Boys 3” and “Father of the Bride”. She has also made an appearance in TV shows such as “High How 2” and ”Heels.”

Though Vanessa plans to go back to acting after graduation, she is currently busy renovating, selling, and flipping properties. The idea is to purchase a home, renovate it based on modern standards, and then make a profitable sale. She even launched the company VIP RENOVATIONS LLC to sell her flips to people and buy properties that can churn out profit. The price of these properties ranges from $300,000 to $6,000,000.

There is more to Vanessa Chesson than meets the eye. She has another venture called V Investments LLC, Apart from that, the real estate guru flipped a penthouse in Miami with her business partner, which was used to shoot a video by Rick Ross and is on the market for $6 million. 

Talking about her second firm, Vanessa shares, “V Investments LLC is a joint venture with my business partners/investors, who trust me to manage their money and make profits with them on my real estate. Like starting a Hedge Fund, for instance. I know I can make money in this particular industry.”

According to Vanessa, she was able to succeed because she always kept an open mind about every property she viewed. If the property exists in a good area, it will likely increase in value with a few modern changes. The actor-turned-realtor also revealed that new houses are higher in value because certain aspects of the homes, such as plumbing and electric fittings, are also newer—this way, the buyer will save money on repairs. 

However, if an old house with great architecture is purchased, its value doubles after the plumbing and electrical work are updated. “This takes time and energy,” the expert realtor reveals. “Not everyone has the vision to invest their heart and soul into a property. It is this dedication that makes me stand out from others in the real estate business.” She further went on to say, “Networking is also very important in the real estate industry. It matters when people know who you are. They are more likely to approach a familiar face.”

Vanessa Chesson believes no project is difficult for her since her motto has always been to never give up. Hence, she welcomes a challenge with open arms and believes that the sky is the limit!