Social WiFi Marketing
Social WiFi Marketing

As a retailer, it is critical to stay in the industry and compete with other businesses. it is very hard for the retailer to do its business. When you are using those old traditional business strategies whereas, everyone is using new technologies to increase the revenue of the business. A strong retail business and a high-quality product are insufficient, you need something interesting that will make your marketing more effective. Using this technique will get you more customers. Social WiFi marketing is a solution to all your marketing problems. It will provide the retailers with an infrastructure on how they can improve their service and attract more customers.

How Does Social WiFi Marketing Work?

When retailers offer free WiFi to their customers. Customers will be loyal to your hospitality. You just need to use your WiFi Connection as a hotspot. You can provide your internet to customers in exchange for their social media account credentials. Therefore, with that data, you can easily evaluate it and in the future, you can send them promotional messages and discount vouchers. This process is called WiFi marketing.

Using WiFi marketing, users will be directed to a WiFi landing page after completing registration on the website of the company. A captive portal tool can be used in creating a user ID for the company website. They will be able to access your company WiFi after providing the social media credentials. You can decide which page to show to the customer after connecting to the internet. This is a great marketing technique to make the customer to your business.

When the customer is connected to your in-store WiFi. They provide valuable information such as age, social demographics, and email address. This data is very valuable and very private for the customer so the company should protect the information. So the customer is loyal to your business.

How to increase Customer Use of WiFi

To ensure your business is getting successful always make sure you connect your customers with the company’s WiFi. Ensure your customers that you will protect their valuable information. You must encourage customers to use your internet so they can keep proving your business with information. Therefore, you can evaluate that information and use it to improve customer care.

Ensure that you market your free WiFi regularly and consistently at crucial points throughout your store.  So the customer won’t have high latency and make sure you’re your internet is very fast and stable for the customers. Additionally, you can provide a promotion or discount of 10% to every person who will be connected to your company WiFi.

3 Ways WiFi Marketing Can Help Your Retail Business

Create a Customer-friendly Environment

Always deal with the customer with kindness. Never shout at a customer. If a customer wants to use the WiFi just provide them with the password. You can also provide them with a QR code so they don’t have to ask for a password they could just connect it using a QR scanner. If you provide your customers with free WiFi then the customers will always come to your store. They will give you a positive review.

Configure Your WiFi Network

Always configure your WiFi network. Customers don’t like slow networks. However, use a public network domain instead of a Private.

Promote your Free WiFi

Once the company established the internet and customizes the web page they can easily let the clients promote their WiFi on social media. Many companies are promoting their WiFi services so always put prominent signs to identify your WiFi network.

Try To Get Social and Online Reviews

Every business understands the value of evaluation in terms of growing into success. WiFi marketing is important for increasing brand image and brand awareness and generating new leads for your business.

It can easily let the customers do an online review of your product. Reviews can easily make your company more successful in fewer days.

Send Marketing Messages

WiFi marketing can easily help your business by sending marketing messages to clients or your customers. reliable WiFi establishes your retail store as a destination hub for many customers. If a company will provide more WiFi they will come to your business in the future as well.

Final Thoughts

That is all. Social WiFi marketing will make your business more successful. You will get more customers if you are using the modern techniques of doing business then you will get more revenue.