Peek Plastic
How Peek Plastic is Used in Different Applications?


There is a tremendous amount of industries that are on the lookout for the replacement of heavy materials. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high-speed thermoplastic semi-crystalline natural polymer with a highly stable chemical structure. And that is why it is considered better than most metals. And it has remarkable properties, which make several industries choose the plastic material. Now you might have come across the PEEK rod as one of the material components, but this article will introduce a few more to you.

Best Applications of Peek Plastic in Different Industries

We have compiled a list of ways that PEEK plastic gets used in several industries. Read along to know more: 


PEEK meets quality, protection, and regulatory compliance, including a maximum of the stringent meal touch fabric requirements. As a result, it has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It can withstand a wide range of chemicals, as well as high-temperature degrees and steam. Food packaging and oven parts are examples of where it gets used.


Many aircraft makers prefer using PEEK because it is 70% lighter than metals like steel. This usage makes it easier for them to reach their annual fuel cost-cutting targets because it improves fuel efficiency dramatically. Chemical resistance of PEEK aircraft parts includes jet fuel, de-icing solutions, steam, salt, water, and hydraulic fluid. Furthermore, compared to metals typically utilized in aircraft construction, reinforced PEEK fiber offers exceptional stiffness and strength.


You can find people from medical backgrounds using a peek tube because it is an advanced biomaterial. PEEK screws are utilized in medical implants due to their anti-corrosive characteristics. They can withstand high pressures of steam and water and are resistant to hydrolysis. 


Since PEEK plastic is heat and chemical resistant, the automobile industry doesn’t step away from using it either. And since it is lighter than most metals, peek sheets are also used for producing automobiles to improve fuel efficiency. Peek plastic is also used to create brakes and seal components in the same. They have outstanding anti-magnetic and dielectric characteristics. Furthermore, because PEEK does not burn, there is no out-gassing.

Home Electronics

PEEK plastic is non-conducting, lightweight, and cheap. And that is why a lot of electronic equipment uses PEEK screws instead of metal screws. Gaming devices, laptops, and cellphones also use PEEK screws.

Polymer Device Companies

PEEK screws and fasteners are used in wet benches by semiconductor equipment makers. Hydrofluoric acid, a caustic chemical that may corrode metals, is used by chipmakers since it is chemical resistant to make PEEK screws. They are utilized to make ICUs because they are high-purity material with limited out-gassing characteristics. Manifolds for semiconductor manufacturing equipment are also made of PEEK.

In Conclusion

Many industries use PEEK material to cut costs, avoid dangers, and make their products better. It is quite the material because you can see why and how enterprises overcome PEEK plastic manufacturing challenges. And shortly, the demand for PEEK will only increase. So if your organization is looking to make some positive changes, you know where to invest!