How Painting with diamonds helped me to overcome my anxiety

What is a diamond painting

If you’re one of those people who never heard about this awesome craft hobby, don’t get mistaken by its name. It’s not about any jewelry. No stuff like that.

The way it works is to fill a pre-drawn sticky canvas with appropriate small rhinestones that are called drills. So at the end of the day (well, it takes a couple of days to finish a painting), you’ve got an artwork that’s glittering with reflecting shines as the drills are faceted like diamonds, hence the name.

It’s a great thing for those who love jigsaw puzzles for example. It’s very much like a jigsaw, but with many more parts. And many smaller parts. But the finished canvases are so amazing that when you start with them, you stick to doing another one soon.

How to start painting with diamonds

So let’s put it shortly together once again:

  • You can a sticky canvas, protected by a foil
  • Uncover part of the canvas that you’re going to work on. You need to use a sharp knife to cut it away. If you would strip the whole foil off the canvas, it would be a mess to work on that.
  • Prepare some drills in a tray with the color corresponding to the symbols on the canvas
  • Take the applicator and apply those drills one by one onto the canvas

Diamond painting benefits

If you start your project diligently putting one drill after another carefully on the canvas, you’re slowly entering the wonderful world of deep concentration, which psychologists call a „flow“. This is a special state of mind in which your mind relaxes though occupied by work. It’s a kind of meditative state which contributes to your peace of mind. It improves your concentration skills and makes you a more quiet and focused person.

The next important thing is that you’re filling the canvas with colorful diamonds and at the end of your work there’s a beautiful canvas artwork coming up. It’s something which you can call your own.

Believe me, after starting your first diamond painting project you’ll become addicted to your new craft hobby and you’ll crave for the next moments over your working table with the applicator in your hands and a set of drills on the tray.

But what does it have to do with my anxiety? I visited psychotherapy for the last 2 years. I had trouble getting asleep and I was unable to find any motivation in my life. Things were getting even worse after our divorce and I had nothing left in my life. I needed inspiration and concentrated work, but I didn’t know about that. Creative craft hobbies are a blessing for people with anxiety and depression. 

Most popular diamond painting images

If you’re not sure what to select, a beautiful landscape diamond painting will do the trick. It’s great to set up your mood by working on a nice canvas with trees, plants, flowers, mountains, lakes, or the sea. Another great tip is to get a floral diamond art and make a gorgeous artwork with flowers like sunflowers, roses, daffodils, or violets.