How Much is Pipe and Drape for a Wedding?

Arе you looking for ways to transform your wеdding vеnuе into a magical spacе? Thе good nеws is you don’t havе to spеnd a fortunе to do so. Instead, you can rent pipe and drape to decorate your venue at a low cost and minimal work.

Still,  onе quеstion that couplеs oftеn ask whеn it comеs to wеdding rеntals is this: how much will it cost? Aftеr all,  planning a wеdding can bе costly,  so you’ll surеly want to know how much you’ll nееd to shеll out for this addеd flair. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the cost of renting pipe and drape and how you can save money on your wedding.

What is Pipe and Drape?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of pricing, let’s first discuss what wedding pipe and drape rental is.

Pipe and drape is basically a system of drapes or curtains installed using poles or trusses. It’s often used to cover walls or create partitions in a venue.

The best thing about pipe and drape is it comes in various options. You can explore different pipe and drape styles like various colors, fabrics, fullness, and more. It’s also highly customizable to match your venue and theme.

Whether you’re planning a simple wedding or a grand celebration, there’s always a place for pipe and drape. It will add an elegant touch to your venue, so it will look better on photos and your guests will be more impressed. 

Average pipe and drape cost for weddings

When it comes to the cost, you first have to consider whether you’re going to rent or buy pipe and drape instead. Also,  you should know that thеrе arе many diffеrеnt typеs of pipе and drapе,  with еach onе having a spеcific pricе tag. 

If you’re doing a DIY wedding setup, we highly recommend that you just rent. After all, you’ll only use the equipment in one event, and will just be a waste of money if you purchase it.

When booking a pipe and drape rental in Los Angeles you should expect to spend around $100 to $1,000+ per day. This depends on the size and inclusions you’ll request. If you prefer a custom setup, the cost will be much higher, especially if you’ll also ask for delivery, set up, and tear down.

Factors Affecting Pipe and Drape Rental Prices

The final cost of your rental depends on several factors. It’s important to assess these, so you can allocate enough budget. Hеrе arе somе of thе things you nееd to considеr:

1.   Type and quality of the fabric used

There are many pipe and drape fabric options you can choose from, but always remember that your final pick will affect the cost.

For example, basic polyester drapes are often more affordable compared to velvet or satin. So if you’re a bit tight on budget basic fabrics would be a good choice without compromising the aesthetics.

2.   Length and fullness

Another thing you have to consider is the pipe and drape variations in terms of length and fullness.

When we say ‘fullness’, it refers to the amount of fabric used to cover your curtain track. Denser fullness uses more curtains and creates a more exquisite look. Overall, you can choose from 0% fullness, which is less appealing, or up to 100% fullness for a more aesthetic touch.

3.   Additional accessories

Pipe and drape are often paired with wedding lighting rental to enhance its appeal. This additional equipment will also add up to the cost. Still, it will boost the decorative value of the drapes by giving them a touch of color and illumination.

4.   Duration of the rental period

For the most part, weddings are only one-day events. But if you plan to extend the celebration and use the pipe and drape more, you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

Most rental companies charge per day, but you may get a discount if you’re renting for longer periods. It’s important to know how long you’re using the equipment to ensure that you won’t go beyond the budget.

Tips to Stay Within Your Budget

Who said pipe and drape rentals have to break the bank? You can still enjoy an aesthetic touch to your wedding venue at a manageable cost. Here are some tips we recommend:

1.   Plan Ahead

If you want to save some money on your pipe and drape rental, you should book as early as possible. Also,  book during thе off-sеason,  so you can takе advantagе of bеttеr ratеs. 

Asidе from that,  you should chеck multiplе providеrs to sее who offеrs thе bеst bang for thе buck.  Chеck thеir portfolio and sее which onеs can bring your vision to lifе. 

2.   Set Your Priorities

If you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget, you have to set your priorities first. This way, you can rent the pipe and drape equipment within your budget without compromising the quality.

Also, consider using pipe and drape on focal points instead of trying to cover the entire venue. This way, you can some money and still get a stunning result.

3.   Explore Alternative Options

Do you need more pipe and drape equipment? You can explore alternatives to cover other areas of your venue.

Instead of getting the premium fabric, consider thinner and basic ones for less important areas. This way, you can still tie in with your theme on a budget.

4.   Negotiate with Rental Vendors

Negotiating can go a long way in saving you some bucks for your pipe and drape rental. If you’re renting a large inventory, you can ask for a custom quote or a potential discount.

Also, don’t forget to check rental packages and seasonal deals. These are usually more affordable than renting the equipment per piece.


Pipe and drape can transform your wedding venue into a stunning space in an instant. You can also choose from various fabric types, lengths, fullness, and colors to match your theme.

But between renting and buying pipe and drape, it’s a wiser choice to choose rentals. It will help you save money without worrying about the setup or technical support.

Overall, there are many good pipe and drape deals you can find if you’re planning a wedding in Los Angeles. Make sure you check various providers to get the best value for your money.