How much does a criminal defense attorney earn in Las Vegas?


The criminal cases may vary in severity. However, even the less severe cases take no time to turn dramatically and lead to unwanted consequences. Thus, hiring a criminal defense attorney is smart, regardless of how big or small, you perceive your case.

Services of a criminal defense attorney

A criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas will be your guardian angel from the time the case is filed to the time you appear in court and cross the course of your punishment.

Your criminal defense attorney is likely to provide services such as doing the paperwork for you, negotiating with the public prosecutors and evaluating your charges. They also assist in recommending defense strategy, arranging a plea bargain, and providing emotional support, giving you objective insights, and representing your case in court.

You may hire a lawyer to do the paperwork for you in cases where you do not require an appearance in court. Sometimes, you would want the lawyer to even request bail for you. Your lawyer will also counsel you on what to speak and what not to speak inside the courtroom and how to manage your anger and other emotions. Moreover, the lawyer will also aggressively fight for your rights in the courtroom to reduce the punishments being announced and try their best to get you the justice you deserve.

For all the services a criminal defense attorney performs, they charge money. If you are hiring a criminal defense attorney from a law firm such as Spartacus, you pay the firm. If hiring an individual attorney, you pay them for their services directly.

How much are they paid in Las Vegas?

Criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas are paid $38,382 to $767,909, with the average annual salary of a criminal defense lawyer being $198,391.

These pays are increased when a criminal defense lawyer levels their education status and improves their experience by practicing more law than usual. The better they are, the higher they are paid.

Which state pays the highest to criminal defense attorneys?

New York is the most favorable state for criminal defense attorneys as they pay the highest average salary for their criminal defense lawyers.

What factors determine the pay of a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Work Quality

The quality of your work, which includes proper documentation, timely appearance in court and finishing up the case without dragging it for long, matters greatly. The better a lawyer is at work, following professionalism and dedication, the higher he is likely to get paid. 

Working hours

Isn’t it obvious that you are paid high if you work long hours?

Client Feedback

Firms are very particular about what feedback a client leaves with. If a criminal defense lawyer always receives excellent feedback, his pay will be higher.


The more years of service you already have in the industry, the better you are to be at your work. This just creates more room for a salary with increments.

Salary History

When a criminal defense lawyer often joins a new firm, he expects the salary to be higher than he was offered. If the firm wants to keep him, they ensure to provide him with a significantly greater amount.


We hope you know what it takes to be a criminal defense Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada and how much they earn. Being a criminal defense attorney is a lot of work as you may invite lifelong opposition. However, the rewards are pretty sweet.