How Much Do Table Tennis Players Earn

Players in the ITTF 100–150 range can make up to EUR 30,000 (US$25,000–27,700) every season. 

In table tennis, passing the ITTF 100 barrier is significant. The starting season salary for the top 100 players is 30000 EUR. 

ITTF 60 and above players make between 40 and 50000 EUR a season. Table tennis is a sport that is on the rise in popularity. 

With the growth of technology and the rise of online streaming platforms, more and more people can watch table tennis matches from around the world. 

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This has led to an increase in the prize money that is available for table tennis tournaments.

Table tennis is a sport with a wide range of earnings, from a few hundred dollars to millions. 

The biggest earners are typically the top-ranked players in the world, who can command large salaries and winnings. 

However, even lower-ranked players can earn a decent living through prize money and sponsorships. 

The best way to learn about earnings in table tennis is to look at the sport’s biggest earners.

Prize Money at Table Tennis Tournaments

According to, prize money in table tennis has surpassed the $3 million barrier this season, with World Tour winners now taking home $60,000 in the men’s and women’s singles categories.

Table tennis is a sport that is growing in popularity, especially among young people. 

With its fast-paced action and easy-to-learn rules, it’s no wonder that table tennis is becoming more and more popular. 

However, one thing that has been lagging is the prize money at table tennis tournaments. 

The prize money at table tennis tournaments is relatively small compared to other sports. 

This is something that needs to change if table tennis wants to attract the best players in the world. 

With the recent increase in prize money at table tennis tournaments, many people wonder if this will impact the sport. 

Some argue that it will make the sport more popular, as people will be more inclined to watch and play if more money is at stake. 

Others believe it could have a negative impact, as it could create a divide between the haves and the have-nots. 


In the world of table tennis, sponsorships are a big deal. Not only do they provide financial support for players, but they can also be a source of valuable equipment and help players to gain exposure. 

A good sponsor can provide the player with the necessary equipment to help them improve their game.

By partnering with the right companies, athletes can get the necessary funding to cover their training and living expenses while getting the latest and greatest equipment to help them perform at their best.

In return, the companies can get their name and products in front of a large audience, which can help increase sales. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. However, it cannot be easy to secure sponsorships.

However, as the sport grows in popularity, the costs of running a table tennis club or participating in tournaments can start to add up. 

This is where sponsorships can play a vital role in helping to cover the costs of running a table tennis club or participating in tournaments.

Who is the highest-paid table tennis player?

Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of people playing it every day. 

While it is not as high-profile as some other sports, there are still some very talented and successful players. 

So, who is the highest-paid table tennis player? According to Forbes, the highest-paid table tennis player in the world is Ma Long, who is from China. 

Ma Long has earned an estimated $5 million in prize money over his career, which is more than any other table tennis player.

A Chinese professional who has been ranked as the number one player in the world by the International Table Tennis Federation since 2018.

This may surprise some, as Ma Long is not as well-known as some of the other top table tennis players in the world, such as Timo Boll or Vladimir Samsonov. 

However, Ma Long is the current world number one and has won almost every major title in the sport, including the Olympic gold medal. 

So, there you have it. Ma Long is not only the best table tennis player in the world but also the highest-paid.

What do tennis players do after they retire?

Tennis players can take a few different paths after they retire. Some choose to stay in the game and become coaches or commentators. 

Others go into the business world or start charitable foundations. And some enjoy a well-earned retirement away from the limelight. 

Whatever path they choose, these athletes have a clear life after tennis.

Most of the time, they continue to be engaged with tennis, whether it be through private coaching in tennis academies, college coaching, coaching elite players on tour, or volunteering for tennis organizations.

They have dedicated their lives to the sport, and when it is no longer a part of their daily routine, they can feel rudderless. 

However, there are several things former tennis players can do to stay active and engaged.

While some players may choose to stay involved in the tennis world in some capacity, others may decide to pursue different interests. 

There are a variety of options available to tennis players after they retire, and the decision of what to do next is a personal one.

Is table tennis a good career for you?

Table tennis is an exciting and challenging sport that can be extremely rewarding for those who dedicate themselves to it. 

Several lucrative opportunities are available when the playing days are finished, including sports administration, event planning, sports distribution, coaching, etc. 

Table tennis offers you a great chance to make a nice living to support your family.

If you have the skills and dedication to succeed, table tennis can provide you with a good living and plenty of opportunities to travel and compete.

Table tennis’s benefits include making a good living, traveling the world, and meeting new people. 

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider, such as the risk of injuries and the possibility of not being able to compete at the highest level.

Table tennis is a great option for those seeking an exciting and challenging career. 

The sport is growing in popularity all over the world, and there are many opportunities for professional players.