How Much Do Lawyers Make Based on Type of Practice?

 Law is a diverse profession with so many legal services that one can choose to offer.  As a lawyer, the amount of money you earn depends on many factors, which include your experience, the level of expertise you have, the number of cases you handle, and even the severity of the cases you handle. Other than these factors, you can also determine the expected amount you could take home based on your area of specialty. For instance, if you’re an experienced defense attorney like those from Stroleny Law, P.A, you probably understand that some of the most paying fields include federal crimes, fraud cases, and even misdemeanors. Let’s explore each legal practice in detail to better understand how much specialty pays on average.

Criminal Justice Practice

Unlike other areas of the legal system, criminal justice gives you more chances to defend rich people against criminal charges. As a result, this field is more lucrative than working as a public defense attorney. Public defense attorneys make less because their clientele includes members of the public who are not financially capable of paying the legal fees needed. On average, criminal attorneys earn about six hundred thousand dollars or more based on the severity of the accusations or more.

Working as a Public Prosecutor

According to statistics, public prosecutors earn about forty-seven thousand dollars on average. This salary also increases over time, depending on your state regulations. For example, some states demand that you increase your charges every five years. This can significantly pump up your salary depending on the increase applied.  Working with politicians is one way of making more money as a public prosecutor. Defending the public from national affairs, especially those touching on politics, can help you increase your paycheck.

Operating as a Criminal Defense

As a criminal defense attorney, you could represent wealthy clients such as those accused of drug possessions or federal crimes. As a result, the job opens chances for you to charge as much as you would like to price your services. At the same time, you could also represent the government or individuals for federal crimes. This also pays much more than other cases.  As a criminal defense attorney, expect to earn anything from sixty thousand dollars and more, depending on the number of cases.

Specializing in the Personal Injury Field 

While a single personal injury case doesn’t pay more than other cases, the idea of earning more from the field is because the personal injury field is expansive. Much as personal injury is a broad area of practice, a single case could also pay you better, mainly if it contains a contingency basis. As a personal injury lawyer, you can earn from the legal fees you charge as well as from the settlements for your client’s injuries and damages. The amount earned from settlements is usually a percentage of the client’s compensation.     

You could also decide to work as a Personal Injury attorney. This way, you make it effortless for clients to know about your services, considering most Personal Injury Lawyers advertise their work on media platforms such as televisions, social media platforms, and billboards. If you consider this an option, you could earn anywhere from seven hundred thousand dollars. 

Working and Specializing as a Product Liability and Act Litigation Attorney

If you’re just getting started as a lawyer and want to step into a field that pays much better than others, the product liability and act litigation will likely be your best shots. Most product liability attorneys earn tens, millions, and even billions of dollars because they often represent clients making fortunes. These could be clients owning companies facing charges for their products or fights between families inheriting companies.

To succeed while offering your attorney services in the product liability and act litigation fields, you need connections and a team of other attorneys. The reason is that a group of attorneys will effortlessly fight any challenge their clients face, which could be challenging for a single attorney. On average, working as a product liability and act litigation attorney could earn you about a million dollars per annum.

Operating as a Corporate Mergers and an Acquisition Attorney

Naturally, expect to earn more as an attorney dealing with company mergers and acquisitions, considering you will deal with wealthy clients owning companies and corporations. On average,  expect to make from tens to hundreds of thousand dollars and sometimes millions depending on how much you charge per corporation.