How Japan second-hand vehicles make their way to the third world?

Japanese vehicles are well-known for their durability, engine efficiency, and affordability. With that said, people worldwide choose Japanese used vehicles on behalf of European and American automobiles. Moreover, Japan exported 3.4 million cars in 2021, slightly decreasing from the previous year. 

The third world means Japan making their mark in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Well, Japan has a vast story behind its success. Japanese vehicles have won European Car of the Year, World Car of the year, and international car of the year awards several times. 

In the 1980s and 90s, Japan had successfully outgrown the US in the production of vehicles. They exported 13 million cars with a significant export rate in those years. 

Exported Most Cars in the USA in 2021 

We discussed Japan’s total export in 2021. In those 3.4 million cars, Japan exported 1,277,901 new vehicles to the USA. The most to any country around the globe. Japan’scheap and reliable cars have made their way into developing countries. Moreover, compared to American automobiles, Japanese cars are much better. Let’s check out the following reasons why people of America choose second-hand Japanese vehicles. 

  • Japanese manufacturers are perpetually working on new technologies.That’s why they are safer than American automobiles. In 2020, IIHS picked more Japanese cars than Americans. 
  • Japanese vehicles are more reliable than American automobiles. 
  • Most people believe the performance of Japanese cars is better than American cars. 

With that said, the highest imports of Japanese used cars were recorded in 2016 and 2017 with 1.4 million units. Thus, Japanese cars have dominated the US market and Europe. 

Japanese cars in Asia 

Asians have enthusiasm for Japanese used cars. Most people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka prefer importing Japanese used cars. People of Asia buy Japanese vehicles because of their affordability. Japanese vehicles are primarily cheap but exceptionally well-maintained. Moreover, China and UAE are among the top in importing Japanese cars. China was the 2nd most importer of Japanese vehicles with more than 251,651(NEW) units in 2021. Also, UAE had an outstanding contribution with 80,023(NEW) units in 2021. On the other hand, the used Japanese cars ratio increased in 2021 for UAE. 

Japan itself is an Asian country, and the reasons mentioned above show how Japan made itinto the third world quite handsomely. 

Japanese vehicles in Africa 

Japanese popularity in Africa is rising day by day. Moreover, Africa is the fastest-growing continent currently. Africa became an utterly in-depended continent in 1994. After 1992, Japan became an advocate for the development of Africa through TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development). This conference significantly reduced poverty and increased the literacy rate of Africa. 

With that said, Africa is now a leading importer of automobiles from Japan. According to Statista, Japan exported 99.5 thousand vehicles to Africa in 2020. Japan, theEuropean Union, and the USA also exported 40% of their cars to Africa. The countries of Africa, such as Tanzania, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, import Japanese used vehicles.