How it works – A new way to wear cold weather clothing

ActiVHeat(r), a battery-powered portable heating system, uses new technology that utilizes very thin but strong carbon fiber bundles. These bundles are integrated in your ActiVHeat (r) garment to warm you up to the core and increase blood circulation to your chest and back. The integrated carbon fiber bundles emit heat using safe far-infrared radiation.

Windstopping apparel ActiVHeat(r), battery-heated apparel keeps you warm without the bulkiness of multiple layers. Our lightweight apparel can be used as outerwear due to its wind-stopping fabric. How does it work? How?

This is why it’s so important to stay warm. Regular fleece and fabric would allow heat to seep through the pores, much like water in a bucket with many holes. To feel warmth, you would need to turn the heat up to HIGH. This will drain the battery faster. Our multilayer windproof material, six-layer softshell garments and special multilayer windproof material trap heat in your core, making it possible to adjust the heat level or turn it off when you feel comfortable. This allows you to keep warm for longer hours by preserving and making the most of your battery power.

ActiVHeat (r) Rechargeable Battery packs

Our lightweight, intelligent Rechargeable Battery Packs You can give your heated garment hours of power by using one of the most reliable lithium ion rechargeable batteries on the market. The Battery Packs can be charged quickly with a special AC wall charger. For easy access, the Battery Pack can be kept in the jacket’s interior pocket. A Standard ActiVHeat (r) Rechargeable Batterie Pack can provide you with six (6) hours continuous heat, while a Double Capacity ActiVHeat (r) Rechargeable battery pack can provide up twelve (12) hours continuous heat for standard use. You can find information on the different ActiVHeat (r) Rechargeable Batterie Pack options at Click here. Our

Safety First

ActiVHeat is committed to the safety of our customers. Our heated garments are made from the best quality rechargeable batteries. We do everything possible to make sure they are. Each ActiVHeat(r), before it leaves the garment factory, is carefully inspected and tested. We have listed some safety concerns below.

Are there any risks of electrocution?

Heating clothing is a concern. This is especially true when it rains. It is virtually impossible to get electrocuted by the ActiVHeat(r), portable heated clothing. ActiVHeat(r), heated jackets, vests, gloves liners, and other clothing, can be recharged on low voltages (less than 12V). You could theoretically jump in a river with only a slight buzz. ActiVHeat(r), heated clothing, runs on 7.4 Volts. This is lower than the voltage in most children’s electronic toys.

What about high frequency EMF radiation?

High frequency EMF is not an issue with all battery-powered electric heated jacket. Any battery-operated heating clothing operates at a voltage of less than 13V DC. The frequency is 0 Hz, which means there is no EMF.

Another story is the quality of workmanship. A national retailer recalled at least one manufacturer of battery-heated clothing in 2007 due to the risk of their products overheating or setting themselves ablaze. All heated clothing is not made equal. Bad wiring and poor workmanship can lead to “hot spots,” which pose a danger. It is important to ensure that the product you purchase is safe and comes from a trusted manufacturer.

How do I build such confidence?

To ensure safety, first verify that the manufacturer has passed a recent independent test. The ActiVHeat(r), heated clothing range, has been tested rigorously by an internationally recognized independent testing laboratory. You can find more information about these tests at the bottom of our website. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Page.

Second, not all heated apparel are created equal. Our heated apparel has been sold to quality, large retailers. This is a sign that you are in good hands. These large retailers are required to pass stringent quality testing, so the quality evaluation was done for them. National U.S. In the past, Brookstone and Sharper Image purchased custom ActiVHeat(r), heated apparel.