How is labour hiring lucrative for your business?

It is said that a company’s success largely depends on the employees it has. If you are running a business, you will likely know how critical it is to have qualified personnel at work. However, hiring employees for various roles in a business is not an easy task. A lot needs to be done, from writing the job description to onboarding the people. So if you are considering recruiting staff for your next project or are looking for temporary labour, consider labour hire finance.

Labour hire is an arrangement whereby a labour-hire company or agency provides individual workers to clients. In this employee-hiring model, the labour-hire company is ultimately responsible for the worker’s remuneration as these workers are not employed by the company to whom they provide service or labour. There are several benefits of opting for labour hire services. This article briefly explains a few; continue reading!


Easy placement

Labour hiring has made it much easier and quicker for companies to get talented professionals for various roles. This recruiting model is beneficial for big businesses working on multiple projects simultaneously. These businesses need people with different skills and expertise for other jobs. So labour hiring process makes it convenient for organisations to get highly skilled professionals on the job as quickly as possible.

Speed up the recruitment process

In general, when you hire employees, it takes about 68 days to complete the process. This includes the period from posting the jobs to the employee’s first day at work but excludes the time required for onboarding, development, and onboarding training. In contrast, a reputed labour hire agency can complete the labour hiring process in just 24 hours. However, the employer might continue the tax preparation, payroll, benefits administration, and other time-consuming legal and financial tasks side-by-side.

Moreover, you would not need to stress about anything; you have to perform screening through hundreds of resumes, connect with interested candidates, or haggle over a compensation plan. The labour hire recruiter will do everything on your behalf and provide you with the most qualified professionals.

Improved access to skilled labour

Labour hiring is meant to cater to the immediate demands of the companies. The labour-hire companies have access to an extensive pool of talented professionals. Another advantage is that you can get the professional on the job from the next day itself. Additionally, these agencies follow a strict hiring procedure, including the complete disclosure of previous employment, background checks, and resume evaluation. That means you can rest assured that the workers you will be getting are highly-skilled, qualified, and well-trained for the job they intend to perform at your workplace.

Helps you save a lot of money

Firstly, the workers you hire are not on your payroll; you are not responsible for providing them with employee benefits or remunerations. You will pay a fixed amount to the agency you hire from. Hence, this saves you a lot of money. The average cost of hiring an employee is $19,000; however, it might jump to $35,000- $50,000 if you are hiring for managerial or executive roles. Additionally, you will have to spend around $20,000 on training the new hires. However, with labour hire finance, you not only save the money that you will be spending on the training of the professionals, but also you can hire people on a temporary, seasonal or permanent basis at much cheaper rates.

Hope these four benefits are sufficient to convince you why you should consider labour hiring. So why waste your time, money, and resources on hiring personnel when you can get the best professionals on the market with the least effort?