How Is Custom App Development Better Than Low Code Development?

The use of mobile apps is increasing day by day to the extent that a single person spends an average of 5 hours of his day on mobile apps. It has made the need for mobile apps very high. People expect a lot from mobile app developers. If they fail to deliver, mobile apps will not be successful. Therefore, if you want to build an app, you must Hire an Expert App Developer

 While developing a mobile app, the first step you need to follow is to choose between custom app development and the low code development approach. Hence, experts prefer to use custom app development in recent times. It allows them to create a better mobile app. But, how? We will explain that in a moment. Before getting into it, lets’ take a look into what both of these development methods are.

Low Code Development

As the name tells, low code development encourages the development of mobile apps with very low coding. They do not require writing lengthy codes. Low-code development platforms are created for mobile app developers to develop apps in no time. These platforms have a drag and drop interface, allowing them to drop features to the code of their mobile apps.

Custom App Development

Custom app development is the process of creating entirely customized apps. These apps target a specific set of users, a profession, or an organization. Through custom development, the needs of that set of users are fulfilled efficiently.

The entire code is written by a mobile app developer, which makes it easier to make customizations and changes later on.

How Is Custom App Development Better Than Low-Code Development?

Following are some points that highlight custom app development is better than low code development. 

1. Avoids Inexperience Development

Though low-code development saves time and capital, this kind of development is considered by individuals, having limited experience in the development field. They use low-code platforms to make their app development task easy.

It is always preferred to have professionals create your mobile app. The app later reflects professionalism. It may cost more, but having an experienced team develop a custom-code mobile app will pay off in the future.

2. Freedom Of Features And Design

Low-code app development platforms do not provide the freedom of design and features. These platforms have the basis of pre-designed templates used in mobile apps development. That is how low-code app development hinders the creation of unique features and design.

On the other hand, custom app development allows the creation of entirely customized mobile apps with features and designs that perfectly suit the owner’s preferences.

3. Less Costly Update Sand Scaling

Custom-code apps are developed from scratch by mobile app developers. Low-code development eases the future updates and scaling process of the mobile app. 

In contrast, template-based low-code apps require so much extra work and time when they require updates. Sometimes, the platform no longer supports the templates used to create an app. Even if the platform provides an updated version of your template, it may not fit your business’ needs.

4. Higher Efficiency

Custom-code apps provide higher work efficiency since they possess all the features required by the users. They do not need a lot of help while using these apps, minimizing the need for a customer help center.

Conversely, low-code apps having limited features do not provide enough efficiency. It makes it necessary to have a customer support team.

Winding Up!

Through the prior discussion, it is clear that the low-code development method fails to fulfill the requirements of an app in the long run. Thus, you should always prefer custom-code app development. It will benefit both the app’s owner and its users. It also benefits the mobile app developers, saving them a lot of work for the future. But, you should get in touch with a specialized mobile app developer (MISTERSAAD) to create a custom app of your choice.