How Is Copper Mining Fulfilling The Demand Of Copper Nowadays?

Denying the role of copper in the overall economy of the world is inevitable. Copper is being used in almost every field of life. It is used in electronics, building materials, medicine, the chemical industry, and many different levels. Critics predict that net-zero global emissions and sustainable energy supplies will require a massive amount of copper in every field. Don’t forget to read more about TVC.V and how it is doing excellent work in this field. 

According to Egyptian history, copper was the first metal ever discovered by humans. Man has been using it for more than ten thousand years. It can be termed a versatile metal after observing its physical and chemical properties. Copper is majorly used in building materials. Overall, infrastructure is being improved in every part of the world. Keeping that in mind, it is predicted that the demand for copper will rise by 300% at the end of 2050.

Demand of Copper

The current global market of copper is estimated roughly to be 200 million tons per year. According to the prediction mentioned above, it is expected to rise to 600 million tons per year. The said amount will cover more copper than ever used by humans on Earth.

According to Statista, the Asia and Australasia macro-region accounted for a total copper demand of some 15.93 million metric tons in 2020. Thus, Asia and Australasia were the regions with the highest production and direction of copper in the world. European copper demand was in a distant second place, amounting to 3.23 million metric tons in 2020.

The continuous increase of demand has already put pressure on the off-stream copper resources. For instance, the combined stock of private copper generating companies has been under immense pressure to fulfill the demand for copper. But, according to the statistics mentioned above, it won’t be enough for an extended period.

Fulfilling the Demand of Copper

The innovation in the copper mining industry and copper recycling plays a vital role in the field. It acts as one of the golden strategies in fighting the metal scarcity problem. More and more inventions are being made to extract copper ore efficiently and reduce the effort in the laboratory. Wastes in this regard are reduced more than ever. 

In addition to that, man is not even close to ending up its copper resources. It is estimated that only 4% of copper resources are being used to date. It includes enormous copper resources like northern Chile areas that supply almost 5% of the annual copper used. Also, according to an estimate, around 35% of the global copper demand was met by recycled copper. That enlightens that man is aware of his resources and uses them with great responsibility.


Despite the ever-increasing demand for copper, Earth will not run out of metal for a long time. With the help of modern-day tools and equipment, humanity has more raw copper than ever. For instance, many of the prestigious metal mining companies like Three Valley Copper contribute. In addition, more and more copper being recycled every day adds to the impossibility of copper vanishing from the globe.