Two serious caucasian men in suits discussing or planning business issues in the office. Colleagues or client and consultant are sitting at the table next to each other and talking.

A logo-branded custom office background can help create a professional atmosphere. It prominently displays your logo for meeting participants to see. This feature is helpful for team conferences and client meetings, but it can offer excellent benefits during interviews. Keep reading to learn how a digital backdrop can improve your readiness, flexibility, and brand image. 

A Quick Overview of Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds use portrait segmentation technology to work their magic. Zoom and other video conference services use AI neural networks to separate people’s faces and bodies from their surroundings. While people remain visible during the video feed, the AI can replace the rest with a background image. 

Elevated Professional Aesthetic

A logo-branded custom office background can help you stand out during interviews. While you and the interviewer may be the only ones present, you still project a professional image and demeanor. Along with an improved level of engagement, your backdrop’s logo could create a positive brand association. Demonstrating expert knowledge, credibility, and authenticity strengthens your brand image. 

Custom digital backdrops obscure your surroundings and minimize distractions. Should someone walk in during your meeting, they won’t disrupt your video feed. Although their interruption may not be ideal, you can take care of it quickly and resume the interview. 

Staying Prepared For Any Virtual Meeting

With a logo-customized background, you remained prepared for virtual conferences. You can create office Zoom backgrounds for free: Choose a single image as your go-to backdrop or get a package of multiple images to switch as you see fit. 

Because virtual backgrounds hide your surroundings, they save you time. You don’t have to rush to clean a cluttered home office. If you can’t use your office, a digital backdrop offers flexibility to set up anywhere in your home. 

Tips for Virtual Office Backgrounds

While you can select nearly any image you like, you should consider image size when picking your background. Zoom’s recommended dimensions are 1920px by 1080px. Google Meet and Microsoft Teams suggest the same size. Your image’s aspect ratio should be 16:9. 

To get the most out of your background, choose a professional-looking image. Avoid photos with extraordinary scenery or too many intricate details. Don’t use cartoon characters or fictional settings. All these can distract others in your conference call, detracting from its purpose. This applies whether you’re in a client meeting, team conference, or interview. 

Minimalist modern settings are best for logo customization. Office workspaces, lounges, libraries, and conference rooms are all excellent choices. Look for images with a blank wall: It offers a clean space to place your brand logo. Some office background services provide easy customization. You only need to upload your graphic, and they do the rest.

Upgrading Your Virtual Meeting Experience

Custom digital backgrounds are indispensable tools for virtual meetings. With your personalized logo, they convey a professional appearance and strengthen your brand image. You stay prepared for sudden meetings and unscheduled interviews. No matter what happens, you’re always at your best. With free and low-cost options, you can easily incorporate virtual backgrounds into your budget.