The technological innovation and progress have been rapid in the last few decades. Modern computers are far more advanced than their last-generation counterparts and allow effective multitasking whilst using applications that demand high memory usage. Online businesses can enjoy increased productivity and efficiency by moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud. Here, they can create cloud-based environments that support their company websites, offering customers a range of on-page plugins and applications that create a pleasurable and efficient shopping experience. 

The e-commerce market has enjoyed explosive growth within the last decade, that has been based on enhancements inside it and a variety of technology. The worldwide e-commerce marketplace is now worth over $6 trillion and it is likely to enjoy a remarkable CAGR for that near future. Each year, new companies enter the field of online buying and selling to check out key bits of technology to aid their growth and continuing success. In the following paragraphs, you will see attorney at law of methods technologies have performed an important role in supporting online companies. Some key examples of current technology will be used to illustrate this trend. 

Increasingly immersive online gaming environments

One sector of online business that has enjoyed impressive growth in recent years has been the gaming industry. This can be split into two broad categories: online video games and the online casino sector. Online video games have created a global market that is worth more than $300 billion, and the online casino industry is estimated to be valued at around $250 billion with an estimated CAGR of over 11% between 2018 and 2028. One of the key reasons for the impressive global market values in both sectors is the creation of increasingly immersive gaming environments for customers to enjoy. 

For example, adults can play online slots for real money at machines that are virtually indistinguishable from their real-world counterparts, thanks to improved internet bandwidth combined with sophisticated processors on laptops, tablets and smartphones. This enables the creation of photorealistic slot machines located within highly realistic virtual environments – something which contributes heavily to their continued expansion in these industries. Simply put: increased level of immersion enjoyed within virtual environments is what fuels growth of these industries.

AI and chatbots 

Customer service is one of the key areas in online businesses that has a direct effect on profitability, with modern consumers expecting an enjoyable shopping experience online. When they encounter any problems or have specific inquiries that need addressed promptly and comprehensively. In traditional environments this would have resulted in large customer service teams needing to be maintained, incurring significant wage costs in doing their work. However, as AI technology has continued to improve, the use of chatbots in customer support is becoming increasingly common. 

Chatbots are complex pieces of code that can help customers find the answers that they need. For example, chatbots may be programmed to understand specific questions or queries and then be able to direct customers to specific web pages that provide specific and relevant answers. 

Currently, approximately 25% of all businesses with an online presence use chatbots, but this figure is expected to rise as more companies recognize the true value of this technology. However, it is important to consider that human workers will still be required in customer service roles. When complaints are lodged with an online business or complex queries are made by customers, current chatbot technology may not be suitable to adequately resolve them. In short, while the use of chatbots will continue to support online business growth and reduce staffing costs, there will still be a need for a dedicated human customer service team.

Social media marketing

In 2023, it is estimated that over 4.9 billion people use social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. At 61% of global population, over 61% use social media – this has created an immensely profitable area of online business. These social platforms play an integral part in supporting and further developing multiple kinds of e-commerce firms and online ventures alike; social media marketing is now considered essential by all forms of businesses worldwide. 

Businesses can reach millions of potential customers by running engaging ads and promotions on popular social media channels that contain high concentrations of their target demographic.. These adverts and promotional activities typically feature hyperlinks that take the interested consumer to the specific webpage of the product that is being promoted. This helps to ensure that sales leads can be converted into purchases by giving the customer an effortless and fast way to place an order after watching the advert or promotion. In short, every modern online business now recognizes the value of social media platforms to reach a captive audience of consumers and deliver marketing activities that support their long-term profitability and continued business growth.