How Does An F&I Manager In Car Dealership Get Paid

How does an F & I manager in a car dealership get paid? This is one of the most common questions a future manager would wonder about.

Today’s article will go through a few things regarding an F&I manager’s salary. So, if you are trying to be an F&I manager, read on because this content will improve your knowledge. Our information comes from in-depth research. Hence you can trust us on this!

F&I manager salary

An F&I manager is expected to make close to or beyond $80,000 yearly. The salary could vary depending on various factors. For example, it would depend on the experience and the worker’s education. It can also depend on the company or the business that you are working at.

F&I managers  commissions

F&I managers get paid depending on commissions. This means that most of their pay is dependent on how much they are able to sell. Certain businesses not only pay F&I managers on commission but also include a percentage base salary. This would benefit F&I managers, that in certain circumstances, are unable to sell enough to meet their expected commission since wages are guaranteed. 

How to get a promotion as an F&I manager

Getting promotion as an F&I manager would depend on how many successful sales you can complete as a manager. You might consider taking an F&I training from the best automotive schools to improve your skill. It’s also essential to have the ability to work alongside your colleagues effectively and without conflict. Overall what would matter the most when considering a potential promotion would be the value that you offer the company in terms of sales, promotion, etc.

Do F&I managers make more money than other managers?

The yearly compensation for dealership managers has been increasing gradually every year. However, F&I managers are expected to make close to 4% higher than any other manager in any department in the dealership. This is in part due to the fact that F&I managers are not only limited to a fixed salary but also have the opportunity to make more with commissions.


a career as a finance and insurance manager can be so fulfilling. These professionals help customers find the right products and services to meet their needs and manage their finances effectively. If you’re looking for a job with a great salary and the potential for commissions, becoming an F&I manager may be one of the best options. With experience in sales and customer service, this is a role that can help you lead a financially independent life. Plus, with commissions available on top of your salary, you could potentially earn even more.