How does a free eye test promote eye health?

Do you regularly visit your ophthalmologist for your eye checkups? Even if you have perfect vision, it is always preferred to have regular checkups like once in 4-5 years. Just as you have full body checkups in regular intervals, in the same way, your eyes need to get tested as well. For your eyewear needs, you can get your glasses online in the UK as well, without any need to move out. 

The checkup also depends on the conditions such as your age, eye health issues, or if you are a regular user of eyeglasses. So, if you are a serial user of glasses, and are prescribed by your doctor; then you must get it checked as per the schedule provided. Apart from that, the same goes for if you are in treatment for some eye condition. 

Eye 4 Eye sevice can advise you on treatment options and eye wear that can assist you in regaining your vision. The optometrist eye exam and testing to evaluate your eyes.

When should you get your eyes checked? 

The eye check-up varies from age to age:

  • If you are aged between 18-39, then you must get it done every 3-4 years just to make sure that you are not prone to any harmful diseases. It will also help you to know if your vision is deteriorating or not. 
  • For 40-59, you must get your eye check-up every 2-3 years, as after 40, your eyes start losing their elasticity making it quite difficult to focus or even difficult to read. 
  • For 60 and above, at this age, it is best recommended to get your eyes checked every year without any miss. This process will prevent many underlying eye diseases caused by age and help in taking corrective measures without any further delay. 

The duration may vary as per the needs of the people, but these are a few tips that one must not miss if you haven’t got your eye check-up yet. 

Free eye test 

For regular eye check-ups, it may not be necessary that many people be able to afford the services, and it is quite important to get your eye health checked. So there are various platforms in the UK that provide the service of free eye check-ups. 

One such eyewear company is Specscart that aims to give back to the community by providing free checkups they aim to promote regular checks up and awareness about eye health through this. 

Apart from that, they have also launched the NHS free test that will help in saving costs for the eye test and also on prescription glasses. So it’s your calling to go online and check on the sites that provide such free services and avail the benefits if necessary. 

Blue light glasses 

Another threat to eye health that is faced by the current youth is exposure to blue light. What is blue light anyway? Blue light is the visible light spectrum emitted from the LED lights and digital screens. The overexposure to these lights causes eye strain and fatigue, and apart from that, one might also experience constant major or minor headaches, making them quite difficult to focus on the work. 

In this digital era, one cannot escape the digital screen especially when the whole world has shifted their office to their homes. So to adapt to the changes, you must consider using blue light blocker glasses

These glasses are specially engineered to block blue light completely, and provide an escape from the constant eye strain, and fatigue and even help in reducing headaches. 

When all the negatives have been removed with the use of these glasses; then productivity at work also increases automatically. So, it’s time to highly consider the use of blue-light glasses that provide your eyes much required protection and better eye health.