How Does a Cool Room Differ from A Fridge?

We are not talking about the rooms or bedrooms which look cool or feel cool. Instead, we are talking about some literal cool rooms that will make you chill as soon as you enter. They are blasted with an air conditioner and fall to very low temperatures. Also, you can prefer commercial undercounter fridges that keep your food fresh and fine.

You will mainly find these rooms in restaurants and bakeries. They help keep the food cool and fresh. Since most restaurants must have a lot of meat and other types of vegetables etc. it is not always possible to have multiple fridges. Hence, they dedicate a whole room to it.

Hasen Electric service can provide commercial or residential refrigerated coolrooms installations to meet your requirements.

How Are They Different from Fridges?

First and foremost, you can walk inside them. It’s like a big fridge with a lot of space where you can roam about. Obviously, that is not very hygienic for the food, but that is an instance. Therefore, here are some major differences between cool rooms and fridges:


If you go to a supermarket, you will find a stack or series of fridges lined up. They may be separated into categories, each fridge dedicated to group of food. But you will have to open the door and get your item. With cool rooms, that will not be a problem since the food is stacked just how they are placed normally.


If you would open a fridge, you will find cool vapors coming out of it. Try not to be deceived, since the temperature is not that low. The vapors are due to the pressure. With cool rooms, you can control the temperature and thus you can set the temperature according to the needs of the products placed inside the cool rooms.


Small things in life make up a big picture. Therefore, considering the small inconvenience that you have with a fridge. You must open a door every time you want something. There isn’t enough ice and more importantly, not enough space. But with cool rooms, that problem solves itself out. You do not need to have to keep down everything in your hand to take out one object. Moreover, there is ample space to keep as many things as you want, since there are racks available.   

How Can They Benefit You?

When you want to increase something, you should always start by increasing the source. This will create more space and create a chain reaction. Therefore, if you always have food in your pantry, you can easily fulfill the demands of the customers. Hence with these cool rooms your sales will skyrocket without doing much.

Why Should You Call a Professional to Set It Up?

Cool rooms are not that easy to set up. There is a thermostat that will provide the control over the temperature. Additionally, there are coolers that need to be placed. Often, you need people to start from scratch and set up the whole thing. This cannot be possible without the help of professionals. They have been working with the same thing for years and they will be able to help you best. Not only will they set up the whole room but also provide you advice on budgetary aspects.


Cool rooms have been in use since a very long time but are now gaining more popularity in the coming days. The sole reason for that is people don’t want small fridges limiting them. It gets difficult when you have a lot of things to keep but not enough space. Fridges are getting outdated for the same reason and thus are easily getting replaced in restaurants and cafés.