Your business is an integral part of who you are. You are assured of a consistent flow of income as long as you remain in business. So, what happens if you’re faced with a natural disaster that affects your business? According to, a Florida-based Business Interruption Insurance Claim Firm, shutting down your business because of a natural disaster means a loss of valuable income. But then again, your business interruption insurance should come to the rescue in such situations. Sadly, you cannot completely rely on this as insurance companies are known to do whatever it takes to reduce or completely evade payment. 

What to do after a business interruption case

Let your insurance company know as soon as possible: Once damage occurs to your business, you should not delay reporting it to your insurance company. Failure to do so within your contract’s stated time limit could lead to the denial of your claim. Once they have been notified, the claims process can then start. This is usually an extensive process that will require a lot of time and great attention to detail. This process would involve contacting your insurance company, an evaluation of the claim by your insurance company, and a resolution. Your insurance company would want to know your name, policy number, address, type of claim, and how the damage happened. 

Take steps to secure the property and premises: Another thing you should plan on doing immediately after getting in touch with your insurance company is to secure the property and premises. How do you do this? Ensure that there are preventive measures to avoid additional damage and the sustaining of injuries by a third party.

Take pictures and videos: Taking photos and videos of your property immediately after damage is one crucial step you do not want to miss. This is because the pictures and videos can serve as significant evidence in the case that your insurance company tries to prove difficult. These pictures and videos would show the actual state of your property after the damage. They might be instrumental in getting a fair settlement. 

Seek the services of a professional 

One of the things you would want to do after property damage is to seek the help of a Property Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer. Despite your insurance, you would be shocked that you might not get a deserving settlement without the services of a lawyer. Usually, insurance companies try to reduce the claim of homeowners when their property is damaged. One of their strategies is to claim that the damage was a result of one’s negligence when it was due to certain weather conditions. In such situations, the lawyer would present the claim so that the insurance company would be unable to deny the claim. 

One way your lawyer can help is by gathering all the evidence that would help you prove your entitlement to a settlement. These evidence might be quite tricky to prove as your insurance company would try to make it seem less concrete.

Another way your lawyer can be of help is to negotiate terms with your insurance company when necessary. This does not in any way mean that you would have to settle for a compensation less deserving. It only means that your lawyer would consider the damages and compare them with what they are willing to pay. If their offer does not in any way compensate for the damages, it would be rejected.

What shouldn’t you do if your business building suffers a damage 

Do not repair anything 

One of the things you want to avoid after property damage is the repair of property, at least not before you have contacted your insurance company and they have evaluated the damage. This is because, after the repair, the insurance company can reject your claim based on the grounds that your property did not look damaged as you claimed when they got to the scene.

Do not dispose of anything: Another thing you should not attempt after a property damage is the disposal of things. Leave your property exactly the way it was when the damage occurred. You can consider throwing things away when the damage has been examined and evaluated.

Do not assume you have to use the services of the insurance company’s adjuster: One common mistake homeowners tend to make after a property damage is to think that they have to use the services of the insurance company’s adjuster. The representative of your insurance company does not have your best interest in mind. Their job is to resolve to a settlement that would pay the insurance company and not you. Thus, it would be best if you don’t hesitate to get yourself a lawyer to help you get a fair settlement.

As mentioned by, your lawyer knows it is his job to secure the most compensation on your losses, and he would not hesitate to do just that. Why not leave that to him?