How do I know my Dysons V6 battery needs replacing


One of the most wonderful and remarkable batteries comes from Dyson. For cordless vacuum space, Dyson is famous and the best brand in the world. It has marked a significant improvement from its ist DC16 to the recent Dyson V11. The runtime has enhanced from 60 minutes(in V6) to 120 minutes (in V11).

Generally, when used as suggested by the user manual, the original Dyson battery lasts for 3-4 years (For Dyson V6). Charging properly on time and cleaning assures a long lifespan of 5-6 years. However, like other ones, the Dyson battery faces problems with time. But you don’t need to slacken your bolts. Fortunately, you can supplant it by simply buying another one directly from the Dyson site. Also, the second uplifting news is that Dyson’s has telephone support accessible for whole week. The company assists nicely and also offers a chance to buy another battery.

In this article, we are going to talk about signs and instabilities that a Dyson V6 battery shows at the time when it needs replacement. And a test that will help you to diagnose whether the battery is dead or not. So let’s begin.

How do I know my Dyson V6 needs replacing

The two main signs that a Dyson battery shows at the time you need to replace is :

Flashing different signals

Decrease in normal runtime

1)Flashing different signals

Dyson V6 Battery flashes different signals from starting of the problem till the replacement. Different light patterns indicate different faults. Here is the synopsis for V6 for flashing different lights.

•             If the blue light is blazing, it suggests that the Vacuum is charging.

•             If the blue LED is blazing, then it is a symbol or warning that the vacuum has a run-down battery. It might also be an indication that the vacuum isn’t charging as expected. •           If the cell highlights the strong yellow light, it means there is a fleeting shortcoming, and the

vacuum isn’t charging.

•           Blazing red light means a serious problem, and you really want to call Dyson.

A flashing red light indicates the substitution of battery. If more than 12 red lights are blazing simultaneously, then Dyson needs an immediate replacement.

2) Decrease in normal runtime

Another indication to replace the battery is an unusual change in the runtime. Either the battery works for a lesser time than standard settings, or it needs charging all the time. For instance, in Dyson V6, the standard runtime is 20 minutes to 30 minutes. If you notice lower runtime when it’s completely charged and not utilized in maximum mode, it indicates that your V6 battery needs replacing.

The above-discussed indications provide a clear hint that your Dyson V6 has died out and needs to be replaced. Besides these, some other indications also point out the need for substitution. Like unusual activities in charging. Common charging troubles that a V6 experiences are taking more than enough time to get fully charged than normal and needs to be charged when not in use. The charging troubles give a clear indication that the battery is dead and you to get a new one.

Test for diagnosing if the Dyson V6 is cutting down:

If you have vacuum cleaner with Dyson’s V6 at home and you want to know whether the battery is cutting down or not. You can simply follow the below procedure and get known:           

First charge the Cell completely for 3-4 hours.

After that , get ready for a time test. Bring a stopwatch and set it to also need to set your vacuum to the max.

 •Start using the vacuum. While it is running, click the MAX button at the rear of the unit till the blue light is blazed.

•           Begin the stopwatch.

•           You need to run the vacuum until it stops. And take notice of the time properly.

•           After that,  Check the  results properly:

o          At the max, your vacuum should get around 6 minutes .you must get around 6 minutes of run time. You needn’t bother about the replacement. Something different may be an issue, so immediately let Dyson know.

o          However, if the runtime was  3 minutes, you need another one. Maybe not presently, but somewhat reasonable within half a month or months, depends upon how frequently and for how long you utilize the machine.

o          If you get under 3 minutes of run time, your cell should be supplanted. So you need to replace it as soon as possible.

How do you replace the Dyson V6 battery?

Supplanting a V6 battery is not a difficult job. Knowing the proper tools and knowledge of supplanting is all you require to replace a cell. Here are the simple proceedings you can use to replace the Dysons V6 cell in your vacuum cleaner:

         To start with, turn off the gadget from any power plug.

         Next to the gadget handle, a red switch is situated outside the receptacle. To deliver the bin push the red switch twice. Pull the bin away from the cyclone.

         Look for the screw on the battery pack, with the help of a screw driver unscrew the battery pack.

         On the gadget handle one more screw is present. Remove the screw with the help of a screw driver and deliver the battery pack.

         To eliminate the battery from the vacuum pull the battery pack down. And replace it with a new battery pack.

         Reassemble the gadget adhering to the guidance in the invert request, and you’re all set.


Dysons battery is one of the most remarkable and expensive brands in the world. Before choosing a supplant for your battery, first make sure that you properly there isn’t any other issue in the system. Make sure it is getting charged as required. I’ll recommend you to use the above-discussed test. If all is good, then visit Dyson’s website and order a new one.