How common is male infertility, and what are its causes?

Infertility is a major issue in modern couples. According to a survey, it is identified that infertility affects every couple in a group of six. Male infertility is common and there are many causes to it. A reputed fertility clinic can identify the causes easily and provide fruitful treatments.

Male infertility and causes

Male infertility plays the main role in increasing the infertility rate. There are certain causes for male infertility. The issue is pretty serious and there are various reasons for it.

No production of healthy sperm– the growth of the male reproductive organs during the puberty of a male is essential for future requirements. The improper working ability of the testicles in a male body hinders the production of hormones and testosterone that helps in maintaining the proper production of sperm.

The sperm produced in the male body should be carried properly to the semen– Sperm production is important but along with that, it is important to carry the sperm to the semen. The tubes that transfer the sperm to the semen need to be active. 

The production process in the testicle should be effective along with that the tube should also be working properly so that the sperm can mix to the semen and make a way out through the penis.

The sperm should be movable and functional- The motility of the sperm is important along with its movement. The probability of the sperm decrease creates infertility. It is also important for the sperm to reach the female egg and penetrate effectively to give birth to a new cell.

Less sperm count– It is also important to have enough sperm in the semen which is called sperm count. If the sperm count is low or decreasing with time, it means that infertility will soon become troublesome and the sperm will not be able to penetrate easily into the egg. For reference, low sperm count is the condition when a male produces 15 million per ml. or not less than 39 million during ejaculation.

Infections – There are several other causes detected by fertility clinics as well such as various medical issues that can create a number of reasons for infertility and you need to go through proper medical treatment. Reasons such as infections can also create issues.

There are various infections that can create issues in the reproductive organ of a male and affect sperm production and can also block the tubes. Various sexually transmitted infections and diseases can also create infertility and damage of the male reproductive organs.

Tumors– Tumors on the other hand are also the reason for infertility that can create issues such as cancer. In various cases, therapy and certain surgeries are required for its cure.

Improper sexual relationship– Building a proper sexual relationship with the partner is important in order to be fertile. Issues such as premature ejaculation, abnormalities in proper hardening of the penis, etc. can lead to infertility.

Defect with the chromosome– According to many fertility clinics, chromosome matching is important for fertility. The genetics and syndromes should be matching appropriately to ensure fertility. 


There are various causes of male infertility that have been detected. They can be cured easily through proper medication and treatment from the fertility clinic. All you need to ensure is to have proper knowledge of the issue and go for treatment as and when necessary.