How Collaboration at Every Stage of Life Can Help Women Uplift Each Other

Collaboration is one of the most tossed around terms these days. We see partnerships of brands, individuals, creators, and the list can go on. But what’s in it that it has become so popular recently?

When individuals or brands with a shared vision come together, it helps them serve their audiences better. It improves productivity, broadens perspective, and helps in achieving common goals. So the entire idea of collaboration is to uplift one another.

Therefore, women, today can use collaboration to their advantage to inspire and elevate fellow women. Because when ladies support each other, incredible things happen. Be it home, office, or politics, you can find many examples of women excelling when they come together and join forces.

Let us consider two different scenarios where women can uplift each other.

1.   When a lady starts in a professional field, there are a lot of stereotypes and whatnot coming her way. Be it from seniors or co-workers of the opposite sex. Now, imagine a workplace where when a lady does not get the opportunity to voice her opinions, a fellow female senior or co-worker takes a stand and addresses the issue. Not to say that we can take a stand for ourselves, but two together make the team. In the workplace, when ladies join hands, they can break stereotypes and excel.

2.   When a woman gives birth, the transition to motherhood is undoubtedly tricky. Juggling a career or a business alongside can be an impossible task. But what if a fellow mom steps in and decides to babysit your little one while you focus on work? This way, when two women switch roles between home and work, they can help each other achieve goals and find a balance.

Similarly, there are countless such scenarios throughout different stages of life where women can join hands to exhilarate their fellow sisters. Besides, there are plenty ofbusiness ideas for women in India to grow and benefit from collaboration.         

Soror – The Sisters Edit, Is Your Safe Space

Sorority, a community that promotes sisterhood, is your safe haven for this. They aim to empower, enrich, offer support, and encourage other women from all walks of life. 

If you look at the statistics, men hold about 68% of managerial positions at firms, while women hold just 38%. Whether in ‘progressive’ industries like arts, music; mainstream fields like medical, legal professions, financial services; or even socially, men are regarded as the leaders, breadwinners, head of the family, etc.

Sororedit aims to change this, but when we start taking control and power into our own hands, the change will come around.

Here’s how women can support and uplift one another on Soror – The Sisters Edit:

1.   Be a Role Model – Lead the path when a fellow lady needs your help. Aid in a however small or big way you can. Don’t hold back from sharing tips through Soror’s Guest Blogging if you have expertise in a field.

2.   Offer Support – Be there when a sister requires support. If a fellow lady started a business, suggest it to your group.

3.     Celebrate Each Other’s Wins – Cherish the accomplishments of your fellow sisters and encourage them to move forward.

4.   Look for Opportunities to Promote Other Women – If you have the chance, feel free to promote other women and their businesses on your platform/groups/social circles, etc.

Tulika Garg, Founder of SOROR, Encourages Collaboration over Competition

Like many other ladies out there, Tulika Garg had based her definition of success on her corporate career. But the true awakening happened when she took a pause to start her own family. Tulika realized she wasn’t true to her values and that this was the dilemma of many other women.

With a will to bring about the much-needed change, Tulika founded Soror – The Sisters Edit.

 Tulika says, “There’s this stereotype that goes like ‘Women don’t support other women’ or ‘Women are the biggest enemy of each other,’ but it’s high time we reverse that. We need to believe in our tribe and make it stronger. Instead of looking at other women as competition, we can change our perspective to being collaborators”.

The Soror Community promotes collaboration over competition. Their mantra is to encourage and empower other women and build a community where sisters support sisters. You can find stories from women entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, homemakers, and more on the Soror Website. Feel free to join the enriching community to discover more and read stories and experiences of sisters from across the globe.