How Chat App Can drive engagement in your Live Streaming Platform

Let’s face it – the common tech-driven user of today is impatient. They lean towards brands that interact and engage with them. The need for unfluctuating engagement to drive impact is an absolute necessity for businesses that rely on real-time interactions, like a live-streaming platform.

Are you one of them? Are you looking to propel user engagement on your live-streaming platform? You may be missing out on fully attaining the true potential of your live-streaming platform.

The reason live streaming sites have taken off in the last few years is that users are now able to watch with their favorite creators in real-time. Live chat takes that engagement to the next level by enabling users to interact with creators at the moment without any delay. Live chat offers a customer satisfaction rate of 83% across industries.

Here’s what adding live chat to your live streaming platform can do for your engagement metrics:

1. Boost Engagement With Users

By incorporating live chat into your streaming platform, you’re able to keep users interested in the content for longer. Viewers can communicate with the creator and other viewers in real-time. This prevents the content from getting dry by giving users a platform to express their thoughts and have them acknowledged by the creator and other viewers in real-time. 

2. Increase Viewing Hours

Live chat gives viewers the instant gratification of engaging with a live audience and the creator. This causes them to hang around on your platform for longer and can potentially increase viewing hours. 

3. Enhance Curiosity

Streamers can channel viewers’ curiosity and keep them hooked on their live content using live chat interactions. For instance, streamers can introduce a pressing question that would make viewers eager to know the answer until the end of the stream. Viewers may also speculate among one another and further drive engagement up. 

4. Speak Directly to Viewers

Streamers and content creators can connect with their audience as things happen on-stream.  This helps build an organic connection between the streamer and their viewers. Viewers are more likely to appreciate and engage with streamers who actively interact with their audience. 

5. Real-Time Feedback and Sentiment Analytics

Live chat is a great tool to gauge how the audience is responding to your content. Live chat history can be monitored in real-time for certain keywords that would indicate how the audience is reacting to the content. The stream can then be tailored to generate better feedback and sentiments. 

6. Answer Viewers’ Questions 

Viewers often have a lot of questions about the content on-stream as well as about the creator themselves. By integrating a live chat SDK into your platform, you give your audience an easily accessible communication channel that lets them ask their questions and receive answers in real-time. 

7. Offer Innovative Ways to Engage With Audiences

Implementing a live chat app on your platform can help creators be more creative and innovative with their content to generate impressions and drive engagement. For instance, creators can have Q&A sessions, play fun chat-based games with their viewers that will help them engage more on your platform. 

8. Building an Active Live Community

Community is one of the most powerful marketing tools that brands love to leverage. Building a community needs to be organic; you can’t force a community to be lively. However, you can use live chat to help users interact with one another to build connections and bond over common interests. This is a great way to create an active community organically. 


Live streaming platforms have gained a lot of steam over the last couple of years. It is estimated that the live-streaming industry will be worth a whopping $70 billion in 2021. Most top live streaming platforms have already implemented live chat features into their app.

You can attain an edge over the competition by implementing a robust live chat SDK (anchor text) into your platform that gives you the best uptime, good support, and low latency. Make sure to consider all your options when choosing a live chat SDK provider and to choose one that offers the best bang for your buck!