How Celebratory Decor Can Help Boost Employee Morale 

Most people spend about 40 hours at work per week. When people spend so much time at work each week, many are bound to become complacent after a while. Even though creating new challenges or moving people to different roles isn’t always possible, there are other ways to spice things up at work and keep employees involved. 

While there are several team and individual activities that can be performed at workplaces to make employees feel better about spending so much time at work, it will eventually stop working for most people over time.

However, one thing that has been a great way to boost morale and keep everyone’s spirit is making national, religious, and public holidays and celebrations a part of your office’s events. Making use of celebratory décor around the year can keep people entertained, fascinated, and involved with the workplace. 

Here are some great ways that good quality commercial holiday lighting can affect employee morale. 

Decorations Improve Motivation 

Working during the holidays can feel like such a burden, especially when all you can see are people sharing stories and Instagram posts about how amazing their holidays are going. It feels like you’re missing out on all the fun. A great way to make your employees feel like they are part of the fun is to use decorations around the office. 

Create a holiday-specific themed décor for the office to ensure that your employees feel like they are celebrating while they work. 

Warm Lights Create a Homely Feeling

One great way to ensure that you can infuse the holiday spirits in the workplace is by getting some celebratory lights. You can use warm-colored lights to create a cozy, homely, and welcoming feeling in the office. 

You can always make use of some string lights and create a canopy or ceiling with these lights. These ceilings or canopies can change the environment of the office enough for employees to feel different from when they work every day. 

Colored Lights Enhance Excitement 

turned-on string lights

Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, a few multicolored lights can fill anyone up with glee. These lights can create a sense of excitement within the team, motivating them to come to work with more cheer and excitement. 

You can use these multicolored lights to decorate a Christmas tree or hang them around workstations to give each worker special decor for their space. Regardless of how these lights are used, they can create a zealous environment that invites excitement and celebration. 

Helps Them Feel Seen 

While special event lighting can help create a fun aura around the office, celebratory décor can do a lot more. When employers celebrate and show support for different festivals, rituals, and holidays, the employees feel seen and appreciated. For example, putting up décor for Diwali or Eid, and other major holidays can make employees feel like their personal beliefs and cultures are being celebrated. 

When employees feel seen, they feel more inclined to make efforts for your business and therefore try to participate more actively in office affairs. 

Photo Booths Boost Morale

camera on tripod beside bicycle

Whether you’re celebrating a huge holiday or a small one, make sure you set up a customized photo booth. Photo booths encourage employees to take pictures, use hashtags, and share them on social media. This helps them become a part of the holiday trends online while also creating a strong sense of belonging within the team. 

Buy Holiday Lights with Holy Christmas Lights 

You shouldn’t need a specific holiday to keep your office space decorated; however, when you’re decorating it with a holiday in mind, your employees are more likely to appreciate it. 

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About the Author 

Kristen B. is a human resource manager that has worked in several different multinational companies, and the majority of her focus has always been on developing policies that help boost employee performance and morale at the office. She spends a great deal of time creating policies and finding fun ways to keep employees engaged and upbeat. 

In her spare time, she writes about different ways to help employees become more involved in workplaces to help other managers like her.