Are you planning to upload the videos on youtube for the first time? If yes, then this is not that easy task; you have to be very careful before you make the selection of the video to be uploaded. First of all, a person must be aware of the complete steps as to how a person can upload a video on youtube. The steps a person has to follow to upload a video on youtube are so simple that a person can easily follow them even if he is a beginner.

Open the youtube application

If we talk about the icon of youtube, then it is of red and white color; first of all, find such an icon. These days youtube almost come preinstalled in all the mobile phone, so you need not to worry.

Make sure that you connect your mobile Wi-Fi connection in order to avoid any kind of problem in between. Sometimes a person gets automatically signed in to the computer; on the other hand, he has to select the Google account and apply the password in order to open a new account.

Tap on the profile photo

Once you open the youtube application then you will notice that there is a profile photo on the top right corner; just click o it. Then there will be some options that will appear; click on your channel option.

Tap on the camera icon

Another step is just to click on the icon that has an image of the camera. Then they will ask you for the permission to connect with the gallery of your phone or laptop, allow them to do so. This is the high time to upload the video on your youtube channel so that you can make your channel famous.

Selection of the video

You can make the selection of the video that you have decided to upload. You can upload a video of 15 minutes in length at a single point of time, and in case if you are willing to upload a video of more than 15 minutes, then, in that case, verification of the account is required.

Add filters to the video

Once you have decided which video you are willing to upload, then you even have the option to apply any kind of filters to the videos; in case if you are willing to add the music, then also you have the option to do so. After adding the filter, you just have to click on the Next button.

Enter a title

As we all know, without a title, the video does not look unique; in order to make your video popular, it is a must that you have a good title so that your video looks attractive and unique. Even a description is required in the case of the video. The description should be such that it describes the video in the short and attracts the general public.

You can even add the link of the other related videos so that the viewers get the variety, and they help you in increasing the viewers of the youtube videos. Another option to increase it is to buy YouTube views.

Do the complete setting

The duty of the owner of the account is not just to add the video, but he is also liable for doing the complete setting of the account. First of all, go to the privacy option and select the option that you are willing to select; there are basically three options out of which you can select the best one:


This is the option that will make your videos publically visible. Anyone on the youtube can watch your videos.


If you make the selection of this video, then, in that case, your video will be private, and only those people can see them who are signed in to your account.

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In this option, your videos will not be listed publically, but the person who has the link to the video can watch it.

After the above steps, you will notice that the video has been downloaded on the channel. 

Now there are specific tips that a person has to keep in mind in order to make the videos more popular.

  • Make sure that you keep the tittle of the video unique and also as per the video so that clients can automatically search for the videos.
  • Make sure that you keep the length of the video short so that people have an interest in the animedao safe videos.
  • So first of all, examine the interest of the general public so that you can according add the video

These are some of the tips for uploading the videos; if a person keeps them in mind, then the popularity of the videos will be more. Other option for increasing popularity to buy YouTube views.