Gas and electricity bills have shot up in the recent past. Blamed mainly on the aging coal fleet in the National Electricity Market, experts project this rise to continue until 2040. If you factor in inflation, you find that getting a better energy deal from your supplier can be a blessing to your pocket. But how can you get such a deal from the supplier? This article walks you through what to do to bag a favorable deal.

Start with research

Before you embark on the quest to get this deal from your supplier, you should do your research first. Approaching your supplier without adequate information will make your efforts futile. Among the information you need is the rates of other suppliers. To get these rates, you can research from comparison websites. These websites have search options such as compare electricity and gas bills from different suppliers. This information helps you to know if your supplier can lower your bill.

Challenge your supplier

After you have acquired the information, you can challenge your supplier, bearing in mind the lowest possible rates. It would be helpful to know that your energy provider will not slash the rates with the running contract you signed. However, should the supplier head to your request, it can give you a discount, which will save you money. Remember that your supplier has a limit, and it would be best to push to the highest discount the company can provide.

Switch supplier

You can switch your supplier right away after finding a favorable deal if had run down your contract with the current supplier. You can pick the alternative supplier from the comparison websites. However, it would be best to note that getting a hugely differing rate will be daunting with the current difficulty that many energy providers face. But, you can use the other suppliers’ offers to determine if a switch is worth it.

Ask about discounted payment method

In some instances, the energy provider might have discounted payment methods. For example, most suppliers offer discounts when paying your bills by direct debit. Other paperless billing that doesn’t incur the cost of hiring secured transit also attracts discounts from these suppliers. However, before switching the payment method, ensure that it will work for you.

Reach out to professionals if stuck

Sometimes you can be late with your payments. If in such a situation, talking to professionals from the supplying company can be helpful. The professionals will help you work out how to avoid such problems by finding ways to cut your energy and gas use. If you are already in debt, these professionals can help you work out a favorable payment schedule.

Automate the process

When you automate, getting a better deal from your supplier will be much easier. You can automate through comparison websites. After setting automatic commands such as compare electricity and gason these websites will execute it if a better tariff comes up. But it would help if you know that these websites don’t compare prices with all providers rather those that they have a pact with. Everyone aims at saving a coin. And saving on energy bills goes a long way towards achieving this goal. But to get the best deals, you need to agree with your supplier. For starters, you can use the tips in this article to help you in the process.