How can you choose the right bong for you?

Nowadays, vapes, smokes, tobacco, and bongs are quite popular among youngsters. A lot of youngsters are seen using bongs. Bongs are classy and stylish and help people have a great and safe smoking experience.  

Purchasing a bong is a one-time investment. So the best a person should do is to purchase the right bong. There are countless manufacturers of bongs in the world. These manufacturers manufacture different bongs. So it can be difficult for a newbie to purchase the right bong. Buy the best glass bongs at bongs nz.

There are several factors that everyone should consider when purchasing bongs. Some of the most prominent factors that can help in the right selection of bongs are as follows.  

1. Know the types of bongs 

A person should know the type of bongs before investing his money. There are three common types of glass bongs that you can purchase. These types include the recycler, the beaker, and the straight tube.  

  • The straight tube makes a dense smoker. It is easy to clean the straight tube. This ensures you are more likely to have dense smoke in your lungs. So a lot of users prefer the straight tube.  
  • The beaker is another type of glass bong. This bong has a high volume. This ensures that the smoke is less dense as compared to the straight tube. However, it is difficult to clean the beaker shape.  
  • The recycler is another shape of glass bongs. This bong recycles the water. This bong is commonly used by experienced bong users.  

2. Check the thickness of the glass

A person should focus on checking the thickness of the glass bong. Experts say that the thicker the bong is, the better it is. So you should invest your money in purchasing glass bongs of the right thickness. The greater the thickness, the higher the chances of not breaking the bongs. So you must check the thickness of the glass bongs before purchasing one.  

3. The bongs should be easy to clean

People have to clean their bongs regularly. The best they can do is to clean the bongs carefully. The careful cleaning of bongs is quite necessary. People should purchase glass bongs of less complex shapes. This is how they can clean them better. Therefore, checking the shape and size of glass bongs is quite necessary. 

4. Check the joint size

Checking the joint size is quite necessary when purchasing glass bongs. Joint pieces connect the bongs. They come in 18mm and 14mm sizes. There are different sizes of joint sizes. So you need to check the joint size before purchasing the glass bong. 

6. Check the costs 

It is to be mentioned that glass bongs are expensive. So, a person needs to check his affordability before purchasing a glass bong. Sometimes additional attachments like Enails make it even more expensive. Checking the costs of the bongs is quite necessary. You should not purchase the bongs if the seller is selling them at a very high or extremely low price.  

The bottom line 

These are some of the most significant factors that a person should consider when purchasing glass bongs. People should consider these factors as they help in the right selection of the bongs.