Pylon Sings

What Is a Pylon Sign? 

Gas stations, restaurants, retail centers, strip malls, and other types of businesses that are placed in close proximity to major highways sometimes use pylon signs as their primary method of directional signage. The fact that pylon signs are able to reach greater heights than the majority of other forms of signage makes them an appealing choice for businesses of this nature. Pylon sign towers are the best option for attracting clients and generating foot traffic in situations when height and visibility are of the utmost importance.

The term “pylon sign” refers to a type of freestanding sign that is often held aloft by either one or two poles. It is usual practice to construct them with a stiff or flexible face attached to an aluminum or steel frame.

They have the ability to either display your message on one side or both sides. Pylon signs are typically illuminated or backlit using LED or fluorescent bulbs; however, they are not required to have any kind of lighting in order to function.

Common Names for Pylon Signs

Pylon is the word that is used in the signage industry to refer to this particular form of sign; however, they are more often known by a variety of other names, such as road signs, highway signs, freestanding signs, pole signs, or simply “signage.”

It doesn’t matter what you name it; a pylon sign is an excellent method for getting the attention of motorists and pedestrians passing by.

Why Decoration With a Pylon Sign Is an Optimal Choice for Your Company

Installing a pylon signage for your company comes with a number of significant advantages, including the following:


Pylon signs are amazing for advertising your company and a good tool for capturing people’s attention because of their sheer height. In addition, they can be seen from a long distance, which makes them a terrific tool for attracting people’s attention.


Because of its vast scale, a pylon sign may serve as an excellent canvas on which to artistically depict the message that your firm wishes to convey. You may discover that you have additional space to exhibit photos, logos, and text without having to squeeze your design together if it is larger, as they tend to be. This is because they tend to be larger.


It is possible to position a pylon sign in a manner that will allow it to garner the maximum attention. If your real structure is hard to make out from the street, having a storefront sign alone will not provide you with the optimum visibility. Your company will receive the additional attention it needs in order to successfully attract even more consumers if you put up a pylon sign beside the road.

What Are the Key Differences Between Monument Signs and Pole Pylon Signs?

You could be forgiven for supposing that the term “pylon sign” is only a more technical word for the more common “monument sign.” Pylon signs and monument signs have a few things in common, however, pylon signs provide your business with a number of advantages that monument signs do not.

Both of these signage alternatives are effective in attracting the attention of passing motorists, which helps promote the presence of your business and reinforces your brand through the presentation of your logo and the colors associated with your firm.

Both the monument sign and the pylon sign are situated in a location that is separate from the main building. They are positioned either at the entrance to the property or along the road in order to direct guests to the correct door.

However, pylon signs are significantly taller, offering more people a chance to see your company.

The ideal height for a memorial sign is around five feet, and it should be positioned such that it is viewable from eye level. Pylon signs are meant to stand out and be visible from a greater distance than monument signs, which are designed to appear as though they are part of the surrounding environment.

When deciding between a monument sign and a pylon sign, or any other sort of business sign for that matter, it is imperative that you take into account the sign by-laws that are in effect in your community. For instance, tall signs are prohibited in certain regions of the city. In this scenario, it makes the most sense to go with a monument sign or a pylon sign that is of a height that is somewhere in the middle.

If your neighborhood has a mixed zoning pattern, which means that residences, blocks of flats, and malls are all situated side by side, it is a great idea to choose a monument over a pylon sign anyway. This is because a monument sign is more visually appealing than a pylon sign. This is due to the fact that monuments are more likely to fit in with the general look and character of your community.

When your business is located in a commercial district or business district, a large pylon sign is a wonderful tool for attracting the attention of passing cars, drawing attention to your organization so that it stands out from the crowd, and bringing more paying clients through the doors. This is due to the fact that people are able to view a towering pylon sign from further away.