How can Minea help you find a winning product?

This article can help you find the right tool to help you find high-quality dropshipping products quickly.

It is not easy to find a winning product, whether you are selling e-commerce products or dropshipping.

There are new tools in research every day. However, it is not always easy choosing the right product research tool. Minea, the best product search tool on the current market, is what I am going to show you.

Let’s find out more about Minea and its features. Also, some tips on how to quickly locate a winning product.

What is Minea ?

Minea is a tool for finding products on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This professional tool uses intelligent algorithms to analyze every ad on social media.

Minea collects information on all social networks except Facebook. This makes Minea the product search tool that has the most advertising data.

Minea allows you to easily miss an ad.

You’ll need to filter the ads and identify products with high potential that you can sell through your online store. Minea allows you to search for products that meet specific criteria.

The next chapter will explain how Minea filters can be used to quickly find the right product for you.

Minea’s basic offer costs €49 per month and allows you to access a wide range of features. You can still enjoy the full benefits of the app by opting for the Premium plan, which is €99/month.

Minea is great for product research

All-in-one solution

Minea allows you to analyze ads by providing relevant information. You can also analyze competitors with this tool.

Minea makes it easy to find influencers and other people for influence marketing. You won’t have to make a loss by selecting unprofitable influencers. For each influencer you will have detailed information about its conversion rate and its niche. You also have access to its country and audience. You’ll also be able to access useful information regarding the results of their latest product placements.

Minea also lets you monitor the largest brands in your market. The information you see will include the latest strategies they have implemented to increase their visibility.

These factors will enable you to make informed decisions about your online sales business.

Affordable price

Minea can be purchased for only €49 compared to other top-rated product finding tools, which average   per month. The savings are more than €50.

Save time

Minea has the advantage of saving a lot of time when searching for a winning product.

Traditional product research methods are time-consuming and tedious. For example, you would have to manually search social media news feeds in order to find new ads.

Minea’s robots do all the work today. You only need to connect with Minea’s advertising library for access to all social-media ads.

How to use Minea and find winning products

The Minea app has a very intuitive interface that allows you to search for products. The main interface shows a selection of 10 products selected by Minea. This list changes daily.

Minea’s algorithms are based upon several criteria in order to pick these 10 winners of the day. Don’t hesitate to test these products.

If you do not wish to select from the listed list, you may access the advertising database and conduct your own search. Click on any social network to access the database.

In a classic way, you will have access to many types of advertisements (advertisements for the sale of training, advertisements for the sale of products, etc.) You have the possibility of filtering your results in order to sort them according to your criteria.

You can quickly find your winning product by using filters such as publication time, number of interactions (Likes, comments, share …), platform types (Shopify and WooCommerce …), countries, visual type (Image, Video), carousel …)).

Remember that a winning product must solve a particular problem and impress its user immediately. A winning product must also be inexpensive and easily accessible by the user. Opt for lower-cost products.

Minea allows you to analyze influence marketing

Influence marketing is another way to get your product in front of your audience quickly, even though paid advertising on social media remains the primary source for traffic to online businesses.

Influencer marketing simply means using the influencers’ popularity to promote your product. If you are able to find the right influencers, this is a very profitable strategy.

It doesn’t matter if an influencer has millions of subscribers. The number of subscribers doesn’t equal the sales. Influencers’ conversion rate is what is most important. However, influencers are not known for communicating their conversion rate.

Minea allows you to access all the information relevant to influencers. Minea’s influential search tool is available to help you choose the right influencers for your product.

If you want to go even further with your influencer strategy, you might be interested in taking a look at brands who are making a difference on the market because of influencer advertising. This allows you to get a long-term view of the market.

This brand spy feature allows you to access relevant information about different brands’ strategies. Minea is the most complete product search tool.


Minea is the most powerful product research tool. This tool allows you to quickly identify a product that is a good fit for your online shop. Use the app’s filters for optimization of search results. You can also use the store analytics feature to view the competition.

Minea also allows you to search for influencers that can be used in your influence marketing.

These features allow us to make Minea stand out from all other product searching tools.