How Can Lash Lift And Tint Help You?

If you often dream of having bigger, fuller, curlier eyelashes, then you should know about the buzz surrounding eyelash lifts.  In today’s article, we will introduce you to Lash lift and tint that is one of the latest beauty trends. At times, it can be a pretty time consuming task for you to get our eye makeup to the point of perfection, and sometimes it can even feel impossible to you, isn’t it? That is where why lash lift and tint can benefit you.

Lash lift and tint is a straightforward and painless procedure, and they last for a long time. Once you get this procedure done, your eyelashes stay like that for a long time, saving you the time to get your lashes done every time you decide to go out. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like you got a procedure.

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What Exactly Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is similar to a perm designed that are applied as eyelashes. What the procedure essentially does is that it curls your lashes while lifting them, but at the same time, it makes your lashes look very natural, as if you curled your lashes only a few hours ago.  

What Exactly Is Lash Tint? 

Lash tint does nothing but deepens the color of your lashes. It acts like a booster which overall boosts the look of your lashes. 

A lash lift and tint help provide a shape your Eye For Beauty and define the look of your eyelashes, respectively. 

What Is The Process Of A Lash Lift? 

When it comes to applying lash lift, the first and foremost step is that your beautician will ask you for the results you are looking for. After adding lash lift, you can expect to have a fanned outlook, a cat’s eye look, or just a basic defined look to your pretty eyes.

After you have discussed with your beautician regarding the look you are going for, the procedure can start, which is the second step. Now to prepare your lashes for the procedure, your beautician will , at first, clean and cleanse your lashes so that they are separated from each other. 

After your lashes are ready for the treatment, a silicone patch will be applied on your top eyelid, and your lashes will be combed in place. Like the way hair perm works, a chemical will also be applied to your lashes which will help break the bond between your lashes so that the shape of the lashes can now easily be changed. Then the lashes will be shaped according to your needs, and after a few minutes, a setting solution is applied so that the shape which was done for your lashes can stay like that. The lashes stay like that for about 6-8 weeks. you also know more about Paris Lash Academy at our site.


The aftercare regarding the lash lift and tint treatment is pretty simple. The first 24 hours of it is pretty crucial because all the treatment efforts will be a waste if you’re not careful. It would be best if you made sure that for the first 24 hours, there is no contact with water, steam, or the sun. You also must not apply any form of eye makeup. After the first 24 hours are up, you can treat them like regular eyelashes. 

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Lash lift and tint is a very innovative way of styling your lashes. It makes sure that your lashes are always looking party-ready and yet at the same time does nothing to harm them. It can save you a lot of time, so what are you waiting for? Go aheadand give your eyes a new dimension. 

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