Do you want to take your career o new heights? One of the best ways to do so is by stepping into the field of project management. You may have been a technical specialist and applied all your skills to enhance your career prospects. But now is the right time to switch into a managerial role. Project management skills are in high demand, companies are always on the lookout for skilled professionals who can bring their projects to successful completion. In fact, project management is expected to generate around 22 million related jobs by the year 2027. 

Today, most businesses are adopting a project-based paradigm to meet their targets. They hire professionals who can follow best project management practices and finish the project within the given constraints like cost, time, and scope. As poor project management leads to losses worth millions of dollars, companies are ready to offer a rather hefty take-home pay to the right candidates for their project manager open positions. Moreover, the average salary of project managers in the US is as high as $90K per annum. These are enough reasons to lure you into a project management career. 

Now here comes the question – How can I learn project management? Is a Project management course online the right way? Read on to find out how you can learn project management and start a flourishing career ahead.

Ways to Learn Project Management

The greater you will get experience, the greater you’ll be at project management software. This means this is actually the skill you are able to master not just by studying the concepts but really applying them inside your job. This is how to obtain began.

Read books

The very first choice is to see relevant books and understand the worldwide language of project management software. You might already be familiar with a few of the project management software practices, however, you might not be aware of exact terminology for various activities. Listed here are the books you are able to make reference to:

Project Management Software Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Greg Horine

Be Fast or perhaps be Gone: Racing the time with Critical Chain Project Management Software by Andreas Scherer

Project Management Software for Non-Project Managers by Jack Ferraro

Making Unexpected Things Happen: Mastering Project Management Software by Scott Berkun

Training Courses

Courses are another easy way understand project management software. Here, we’d recommend you are taking online courses as possible study concurrently together with your job. You will find self-paced courses in addition to expert-brought live training classes to pick from. Self-paced courses provides you with use of pre-recorded videos while expert-brought training provides you with use of live virtual classes from instructors aside from pre-recorded videos. The advantage of the second is you obtain a physical classroom-like chance to learn and there is also your queries clarified. Simplilearn, Coursera, and Udacity are the popular training platforms that provide reliable project management software training.

Pursue a Certification

You will find industry-recognized certifications in the area of project management software that you could pursue, such as the CAPM (Certified Affiliate in Project Management Software) or PMP (Project Management Software Professional). These two certifications can be found through the Project Management Software Institute (PMI). There’s a passionate Project Management Software Body of Understanding (PMBOK) Guide which both certifications are based. The main difference is, however, around the audience. CAPM is appropriate for individuals just beginning their project management software career. However, PMP certification is appropriate for experts who curently have some experience. When it comes to recognition, PMP may be the defacto standard and it is highly considered by companies around the globe.

Observe that both certifications are connected having a rigorous exam. You will find PMP courses online that will help you get ready for test and pass it in one try. Furthermore, it’s a smart decision to purchase a program because the benefits you’re going to get by experienceing this PMP certification will over-shadow an investment.

Work under a project manager

Now, this is actually the practical method of learning project management software, and not the theoretical one. As pointed out at first, experience is exactly what matters probably the most in mastering project management software the proper way. So by working within project manager, you’ll learn exactly what a project manager does every day, what types of challenges he faces, how he juggles using the project constraints, and so forth. By doing this become familiar with a great deal on how to plan better, allocate optimal sources, and lastly bring a task to effective completion. By searching at the experience, you can find a opportunity to get promoted and sooner walk into the footwear of the project manager.

Bottom Line

Hopefully that you’re now obvious using the options at hands making a smart decision according to your specific learning needs. Project management software isn’t something can master within 3 several weeks. It requires experience to handle required a task manager the proper way and stick to the guidelines yet still time managing risks along with other challenges. Achieving a PMP certification can provide you with a job breakthrough and enhance your career further. You’ll then become prepared to operate in just about any industry.