How can a person save himself from KBC fake calls and frauds?

It is the worst reality of our society that where it is good there is bad. Online theft and fake calls are one of the major issues for online money transfers. People started doing fake calls by saying themselves as the representatives of specific game shows and robbed money from the innocent public.

KBC’s official website is a major platform of KBC lottery number checks and hence people started doing frauds in the name of this website. Wrong calls claim themselves as the officials of KBC and offer the innocent public to transact some money in their accounts to get the lottery ticket and the lottery prize online.

If you ever find yourself in a situation in which a person claims to be a representative of KBC and asks to transact some money in the account for the official process then you must know that it is a fraud. If you want to save yourself from the fake calls in the name of KBC, this article will help you in this regard.

Precautions against Fraudsters:

Fraud and fake calls may approach you by claiming them as KBC officials’ websites. This point is very sensitive as a person may be asked to share the passcode of a credit card and bank account. A person must not reply to such calls and messages and if the fake calls or messages are creating fuss it is important to contact KBC’s official website for help. 

Experts suggest that any website with +121 at its start must not be open as it may cause trouble for a person as well as cause a system security hack. You just need to trust the KBC official number which is +19188444474, any number except this number would be fake or scammer.


The following measures are suggested by the KBC official website to protect users from the fake calls messages and other scams:

  • Some of the fake calls use Pakistani numbers to scam as the number starts with 0092 or + 92 it is important to check the number code before answering the phone call.
  • A fake call may demand some money by considering it as a government tax. So never try to deposit any money in any account without contacting KBC’s official website.
  • Scammers will provide you a fake lottery number that will never be present on the official website. It is encouraging to check the lottery number before doing any step towards the KBC lottery number check.
  • At any call or message from the person claiming to be from KBC and you hint that it’s a fake or a scam then immediately contact KBC’s official website for help without any delay.

A person must follow the safety measures and should not provide any sensitive information to any unknown person as it may cause a great loss. If a person is continuously facing such fake calls then it is encouraging to contact the official numbers as they have fully developed their strategies to deal with such scammers.