Blue Light Glasses

Recently, blue light glasses have become a very trendy thing because of the sudden transition from offline to online mode. In addition, the pandemic situation has made a shift to online schools and work from home, which means people are now spending more time in front of their gadgets. 

Besides professional and academic purposes, this pandemic has had people sitting in front of gadgets like television or laptops for hours while binge-watching series or movies. 

While spending hours glaring at the gadgets, people forget how much damage is caused by the blue light emitted from the devices. The blue light glasses have taken the world by storm mainly because of the increased screen time. 

Many people using blue light glasses are not aware of what blue light is or how it impacts our daily lives. So let’s talk about what blue light is. 

Impact Of Blue Light On Our Daily Lives!

Blue light is present at the edge of the visible spectrum range, and it has the shortest wavelength and the maximum energy among the other colored lights in the visible range. This is because they have a short range, thereby having the most energy. 

Although our eyes are equipped to block any harmful radiation, they cannot stop blue light. So, blue light glasses help block the blue light from getting into the retina.

Blue Light Related To Sleep?

Prolonged exposure to blue light might cause damage to the retina. In addition, it can cause Age Macular Degeneration that can blur your vision and even lead to blindness. 

Apart from that, blue light is also related to our sleep. You might be wondering how? When we use our mobiles or other gadgets during or before bedtime, the blue light alerts our brain. 

This, in turn, affects the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland of our body during the nighttime, and it helps maintain our sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. 

So, disturbance in its secretion would affect the 24-hour cycle of our body. These might lead to sleeping disorders and insomnia. Using blue light glasses would prevent the blue light from affecting our eyes and prevent it from hampering the sleep cycle of the circadian rhythm. There can be various health issues if we do not get proper sleep; using blue light glasses while using gadgets at night is necessary. 

Another prevalent issue that affects students and other office professionals is migraine attacks and frequent severe headaches. It is said that blue light is a significant cause of these periodic episodes of headaches. It is also a result of using gadgets excessively. 

You can reduce the attacks of migraine by using blue light glasses.

Computer vision syndrome involves digital eye strain, and it refers to discomfort caused to our eyes due to staring at the screen for a long time. If you use blue light glasses, it can benefit you by reducing your eye strain to some extent. 


These are all the different issues that blue light causes daily, and you can easily prevent them by using the blue light glasses from  SmartBuyGlasses UK