How Black Hat SEO can Snatch your Spark. The differences between negative and black SEO

There are always two ways of achieving a goal, ethical and unethical. Higher search engine ranking is no different. You can have excellent online visibility either through slow + ethical or fast + unethical ways. STOP!! Did the idea of a fast + unethical way prick your ears? Well, it shouldn’t be! Because Search Engine Police can detect such activities and put your website in ‘NO ranking’ prison.

These unethical techniques are Black Hat SEO. It involves methods adapted to manipulate Search Engine ranking. Web admins use them to create deception for search engine algorithms to gain higher search results ranking. When you reject and disobey the guidelines of search engines, that method is Black Hat SEO.

Let’s learn the tactics that can indulge your site in Black Hat SEO and snatch your ranking away.

What are Black hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

Both are the processes to optimize the sites to have vast online visibility. In this competitive, digitalized world, SEO is very important. However, White Hat SEO is optimizing the site by following the guidelines search engines have declared.

Some examples of these techniques are:-

  • Creating high-quality, informative content.
  • Conducting keyword research.
  • Optimizing website structure, titles, descriptions, and headings. 
  • Building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites.
  • Improving website speed and performance
  • Implementing schema markup.

 Conclusively, these activities’ purpose boils down to providing a great user experience. You make users happy; you are making search engines happy. White SEO is an organic way to gain online visibility. 

Which SEO techniques are Black Hat SEO?

Multiple tactics are as Black Hat SEO. 

1. Including Keywords Excessively:-  

Too much of a good thing is harmful; the same goes for keywords. Search engines can detect the act when you use keywords in an unnatural and excessive amount. The action is known as keyword stuffing. Search Engines can penalize you for attempting black hat SEO and rank your website accordingly. Making the content flooded with keywords loses the actual purpose of the content. i.e., providing engaging and informative data. 

On the other side, you will not be penalized for keyword-stuffed URLs, said John Mueller. He is a coordinator of Google Search Relations efforts. So, feel free to add your prime keyword to the URL.

Duplicate content:- 

The copy-and-paste method is not SEO-friendly. It displays that you are not providing anything new or trying to entice your users. It is simply stealing the work and credit of other websites. You may get penalized with a lower ranking or no visibility at all on search engines. Search engines also dismiss paraphrasing even if you do it with your own content.


 Cloaking is a black SEO technique where the different content is shown to the search engine crawlers instead of the actual content to gain a higher ranking.

There are multiple ways of cloaking:

  • HTML cloaking: This involves hiding text or links on a web page by setting the color of the text or links to match the page’s background color. The act is also known as the hidden text technique. It makes the text or links invisible to users but visible to search engine crawlers.

 However, Google is smart enough to detect hidden text and now chooses to ignore them. Google is not penalizing hidden text anymore. The site might contain other informative content and could get a higher ranking because of that, confirmed John Mueller.

  • JavaScript cloaking: This involves using JavaScript to dynamically insert content into a web page that is not visible to users but is visible to search engine crawlers.
  • IP-based cloaking involves displaying different content to users and search engine crawlers based on IP addresses. For example, a website might display a different page to users in one country than to users in another.
  • User-agent cloaking: This involves displaying different content to users and search engine crawlers based on the user-agent string of their browser. For example, a website might display a page optimized for search engines to search engine crawlers but reveal a different page to users.

Link Farms:- 

In this technique, a group of sites makes a union to promote each other through links. The phenomenon is different from backlinking, as sites reciprocate the links in link farms. These are spam sites with the sole purpose of getting a high search ranking. They do not provide authoritative content to please their visitors. 

How is Black Hat SEO different from Negative SEO?

There are two ways to beat the competitors: Master your game or ruin the competitor’s strategy. Black Hat SEO and Negative SEO are these two unethical ways. Black Hat SEO concerns with the techniques that manipulate Search Engines. Negative SEO deals with actions to defame competitors’ sites. Many tactics are there to harm a particular site. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Generating spammy backlinks

It is a free and easy-to-give gift you can receive from unhealthy competitors. All they need to do is mention your website URL as a hyperlink on some inferior sites. Your sit

e would end up looking spammy, and you might get penalized for that.

You can dodge such acts by continuously keeping a check on your backlinks and seeing the quality of the sites linking with you.

  • Hacking

An old yet effective method. Competitors can hack your site and perform malicious activities.

  • Content Duplicacy

 Your competitors can copy your content and paste it on their sites. The deed can harm you. You can be caught in content duplicity and get punished by search engines.

  • Fake Reviews

More clearly, Fake Negative Reviews. Some unhealthy competitors may leave negative reviews for other visitors to see. They can make your services look non-reliable. You can defeat such reviews by showcasing their real image in the reply box.

  • Overloading the Server

Competitors can flood your website with immense traffic. The gesture can overload the site’s server resulting in crashing the site.

All the above acts are negative SEO. The epic solution to prevent yourself from negative SEO is to keep monitoring your site’s backlinks, reviews, traffic, and content. You can take appropriate actions to confront such cruel acts. Vist Kosch’s Marketing LLC for more information on SEO.