How Big Is A Queen-Sized Bed Frame

Queen-sized bed frames nowadays are becoming popular. They are perfect for both single adults and couples. A queen frame is an excellent choice because it is budget-friendly.

The queen-sized bed frame is less expensive than the king-sized frame, and the size of this frame provides enough space for the room and its mattress. 

Many shoppers choose the new queen bed frames because the available mattresses are within the budget and stylish. If you are using the bed alone, it offers a luxurious feel when you sleep. 

Size Of A Queen-Sized Bed Frame 

The dimension of a queen bed frame is usually 60 (inches (in width) and 80 inches (in length). A king-size bed is 16 inches wider than a queen-size. 

However, there are various types of queen-sized bed frames available on the market, including adjustable beds. Adjustable beds are designed to provide customized comfort by allowing you to adjust the angle of the head and foot of the bed. This type of bed frame is particularly popular among those who suffer from conditions such as acid reflux, snoring, or back pain. Visit this link to see a wide variety of bed frame designs that you can choose from.

A queen-size bed fits perfectly for the following:

  • The main bedroom measures 271 square feet
  •  The standard bedroom measures 100 to 150 square feet

Dimensions Of A Queen-Size Headboard

The dimension of a queen headboard ranges from 60 inches to 63 inches in width on average. The average height of the headboard is about 48 inches. 

Choosing from the available headboards depends on your style, space, and room preference. The variations are many, and your choice is totally up to you. 

Dimension Of A Queen Mattress

The dimension of a queen mattress is within the range of a standard queen bed frame. But it can measure around 2 to 3 inches (larger or smaller). Your choice may also depend on the material they use, such as: 

  • Feather
  • Tickling fabric
  • Foam among others 

Benefits of Queen-Sized Mattress

Here are a few benefits you get when you have a queen-sized bed in your home.

  • Perfect for couples 
  • Offers mental and physical comfort 
  • Less expensive 
  • Best choice for Queen-sized beds 
  • Superior in length
  • Enhances room appearance 
  • Elegant in style.

Common Types Of Queen Bed Frames

If you choose from the best queen bed frames, the available options are many such as metal or wood. You can find an option that is adjustable, expandable, or easy to assemble. 

Here are the common types of frames:

1. Platform

A platform bed frame features a sturdy base with wooden slats in the middle section. Because of this design, it has a stronger but flexible surface that supports the mattress. 

2. Adjustable

This queen bed frame lets you lower or raise your mattress’s head and foot. Because it features advanced technology, you make the adjustment using your smartphone or remote control. 

When you sleep, it provides better comfort and pressure relief. An important reminder is to find a suitable mattress for this type of frame. 

3. Storage

This frame includes under-bed storage drawers below the mattress. The positions of the drawers can be on either side of the bed frame. People who want to furnish small bedrooms must choose from the available storage bed frames.

This option provides great use of the room, and the drawers are useful for keeping bed sheets and pillows. If you want this frame, ensure that the drawers will open conveniently. 

4. Sleigh

A Sleigh bed frame features a curve-shaped headboard and footboard resembling a sleigh. The design can be made of wood or upholstery or combined. This option is a bit hefty when moving compared to the other frames. 


Queen-size bed frames are a good choice for single sleepers and couples. They are within the budget and space constraints. These frames vary in design and size depending on the mattresses you choose.