Hair colour is a universal product used by both men and women, be it to cover the greys or enhance the style quotient. But does that universal appeal mean that the same hair colour products can be used by both men and women? Can a man use women’s hair colour and vice versa? Does hair colour for men have to be different from women’s? 

And why is that so? Is the hair structure of both genders so different that they are required to use different hair colors? If you assess it chemically, then there is no difference at all, as hair structure is not gender-based. But intelligent marketing these days has made us believe that men’s grooming products perform differently than women’s. Is this true? In this blog, we answer these questions to help you pick out the right products for colouring your hair: 

Length of Hair

Length of the hair plays a vital role in determining the effectiveness of hair colour. The length of men’s hair is usually shorter than women’s,  and men get haircuts more frequently than their women counterparts. Due to this, men need to colour their hair more frequently than women. This is why the hair colour for men is marketed differently  – in smaller and more cost-effective packaging in line with frequency of use. 

Purpose of Colouring

The purpose of colouring is another factor that governs the need for different products for men and women. Men usually do not colour their hair to experiment with their looks. They do it for covering greys. But here also, they do not want to get their greys covered the same way as women. They tend to leave grey at their temples. To create the perfectly blended look that doesn’t make the coloured and natural portions of the hair stand appear distinctively different, they need hair colour products that are formulated and designed differently too.

Demi-permanent Colour

Men’s hair is shorter than women, which is why they prefer less than full coverage. Hence, they use demi-permanent colours that give a blended, subtle look that slowly fades away with every hair wash. Demi-permanent colours give you a natural look due to less covering of greys.

Should Men Use Women’s Hair Colour?

Although there is  no harm in men using women’s hair colour, it is preferred to use the ones designed to cater to their lifestyle and colouring needs. Also, hair colours for men can easily be applied at home, whereas women need professional application. You also have the option of ammonia-free products in hair colour for men. These are also enriched with nutrients like vitamin E to nourish the hair.

Wrap up

So, what is the verdict? If we look at the difference between hair colour for men and women, the real difference lies in the way hair colour is marketed. The formulas are usually the same with little or very negligible variations. By keeping in mind all the key factors for getting the right look with coloured hair and maintaining it, you’d be better positioned to decide whether you should use women’s hair color or not and vice versa. One should consider the purpose, style and length of hair before choosing a hair colour.


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