Regardless of how many rear view mirrors cars have, all cars have blind spots. Drivers are unable to see other vehicles in these spaces. Not checking your blind spots before you switch lanes on the road can cause severe consequences such as a car accident and even worse personal injuries.

Simply because they frequently don’t have the experience to appear over their shoulders and make certain their route is obvious, rookie motorists are specifically susceptible to blind spots. Even seasoned motorists, though, from time to time don’t check their blind place and finish up crashing right into a vehicle within the neighboring lane.

It’s vital to understand what blind spots are along with the risks these jewelry spots give other motorists. When a driver’s negligence leads to a blind place collision that injures you or takes the existence of the close relative, you should also know what to do for help. Speak with a knowledgeable South Carolina vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible to go over your possibilities for getting compensated.


Any region surrounding your car that you cannot see with your mirrors or while staring straight ahead is called a blind spot. In these situations, you must turn to look over your shoulder to check for other cars. This is sometimes referred to as a shoulder check. It is imperative that you never depend solely on your peripheral vision to discern whether another car is following you on the road.

The mirrors you look at from your driver seat reflect a limited view which you only have a small portion of visibility. Outside of the small view is outside of your eyesight. In addition, a part from your car can also obstruct your view which also causes a blind spot, such as an attachable trailer.


Yes, in fact they are, blind spots do not give you the visibility to potential road hazards that can put you and passengers in great danger. Additionally, they may render your car undetectable to other motorists. When drivers fail to see problems in their blind areas, they may make poor lane changes or driving errors that result in collisions.


  • A driver merges or changes lanes without looking for a car in his blind area.
  • A driver turns into the direction of a speeding car trying to pass.
  • A driver backups or runs over people, animals, or other objects in the surrounding area.

Following a blind spot car accident

Blind spot accident risks cannot be completely eliminated, not even by the most advanced systems and skilled drivers. In the event that another driver’s carelessness causes you to be involved in an accident of this kind, remember these guidelines to safeguard your health, safety, and legal rights.

Speak with experienced west palm beach car accident lawyers for car accident injuries. You probably have strong legal rights to get paid for your losses and injuries if you were hurt in a blind spot collision by another driver. Refrain from assuming that you could have prevented the crash or taking responsibility for it. Instead, let a knowledgeable lawyer assess your legal options and assist you in deciding if you are eligible to get compensation for your injuries.