How are businesses using their resources to improve the environment?

Every company wants to hire 20- and 30-year-old employees for their companies. But it is difficult to find and attract them because these employees help to compete with companies that promote a positive work environment.

In order to attract and retain younger employees, businesses must promote environmentally friendly methods. According to a recent study of ecology engineering, 76% of the younger generation is “slightly too highly concerned” about the effect of global warming. However, the companies will attract employees and customers of all generations that consciously decide to prevent these negative effects.

An environmentally-conscious company should take these three steps to promote itself as a leader in the industry. Make sure that your company’s entire staff understands the importance you have on environmental protection, and organize a project to include everyone in the process of making these changes. You need to develop a conservation culture!

Give Water Filtered

There’s a good chance that every desk in your office has a beverage on it. Hydration is a major issue in the modern workplace, especially among the younger generations. On the other hand, if plastic bottle waste is disposed of, they take years or decades. Yes, you can provide recycling bins. However, the three pillars of environmental protection are to reduce, reuse, and recycle in that manner. Employees should receive a re-usable cup in onboarding.

Your employees will be able to drink fresh water out of the tap in the lunch room if you install filtration in your water supply. Additionally, you can spend money on a water cooler service that allows staff members to fill their own glasses with fresh cold water all day.

Minimize Paper Waste

In the last few years, companies have made great progress toward turning paperless. But there’s a long way to go for most businesses. In order to attract youngsters, you need to stop using paper-based methods and start using digital ones instead. If easy, make it possible for employees to receive electronic reviews on their personal devices rather than printing out documents and emails.

You should also thoroughly examine your company systems and make any necessary changes. It is possible to use a fax-to-email system to reduce the amount of paper used while also making things simpler for everyone concerned to share and store faxed documents.

Use LED lighting instead.

When it comes to lightbulbs, the options have gotten a lot more difficult in the last several years. Sometimes lightbulbs seem more effective at saving energy than many others due to the federal government’s requirement that almost all lightbulbs do. To save money and help the environment, try turning off every light bulb in your office building when you’re not using it.

Using LED lights instead of traditional bulbs can save you money and reduce your firm’s electric cost. If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs, transitioning to LED will save you 70 to 90 %. What if the landlord won’t let you adjust yourself? If so, contact your property management company to see if you can do it yourself.